Hitched (Hitched #1) by Alex Lux

Hitched by Alex Lux
Published: 2014-11-13
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... or it changes your life forever. He called me "wife." This man standing naked in front of me. Tall. Dark. Sexy as sin... He's my husband? Disjointed images from the night before, the night I can't entirely remember, float into my mind. Meeting him in the bar. Sharing tidbits of our lives. I own a company that plans bachelor parties. He's a pediatric heart surgeon. We both live…

I received a Kindle copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive monetary compensation for reading and writing a review.

WARNING: This book is for mature audiences only. It contains a lot of sex and swearing not suitable for people under 18.

I normally don’t review erotica-ish books on my blog but I thought I might as well do since I’ve started reading the genre anyway. The first full-length book with a similar theme that I read is Fifty Shades of Grey, and I didn’t even read that, I listened to the audiobook because I couldn’t stand the writing style. Plus, it’s porn. So I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this, but I have read previous works of Alex Lux so I know that this would be better written than FSOG.

The cover, in my opinion, is simple but eye catching. The sultry red lips drew me in, that’s one of the reasons I read this book. Because yes, I judge a book by its cover.

Kacie has a strong personality and is a woman who knows what she wants. She runs a small business with her twin brother, Tate, which is doing really well. They organize bachelor/bachelorette parties in Las Vegas. One night at a party, Kacie got drunk and wasted, and woke up with a stranger in her bed. She later realized that she got married the night before to a VERY HOT DOCTOR.

Sebastian Donovan is Dr. Sexy. He’s the perfect ideal guy. A pediatric heart surgeon who happens to have all the time in the world for Kacie. He’s sweet, sexy, and super hot. While Kacie insisted that they get an annulment as soon as possible, Dr Sexy propositioned that they give their marriage a “test run” for the whole summer before making hasty decisions like the one they just did. LOL. Can you see where this is going?

Sebastian was into Kacie, that one is certain. I really don’t understand why she’s rejecting him. It’s not like he’s an unemployed loser wannabe, he’s a hot single doctor who’s doing everything he can to have Kacie. Okay, it seems creepy on some level but still, in this fictional world we’re working with, this is like the perfect deal! What more could a girl ask for? I would probably pretend to not like the idea, but will definitely stay with the hot doctor who wants no one else but me, right? Right?

Other characters are Tate, Kacie’s handsome, sexy, womanizing twin brother. Despite all the womanizing, he’s still a sweet brother and good friend. And Vi, Kacie and Tate’s BFF who happens to be a dominatrix by profession and pleasure, and a very reliable friend.

The story is told in Kacie’s POV, but written in the 3rd person. It is easy to read and can be finished in one sitting. The sex scenes are straightforward and doesn’t go much into details, but still left me hot and bothered. It’s an enjoyable read that will surely send tingles down your spine and have you smiling foolishly. It has the elements of a contemporary romance novel without a major conflict. I’d say it’s a feel-good story with a very happy ending.

14 thoughts on “Hitched (Hitched #1) by Alex Lux”

  1. Love reading books but having kids around the house makes you more picky in choosing the type of book you read. Ever since Fifty Shades soared high, this genre has been sprouting like mushrooms.

  2. I do read novel but not full of sex stuffs. I love following twists on the plot and attempt to predict the outcome. What I really go after for any novel for that matter is the “play of words” on how the author adeptly use it to make his works free from boredom.

  3. Hahaha… I’d probably be one of the very few who’d want an annulment as soon as possible if I were in Kacie’s shoes! I’d be creeped the fucked out that I got married to someone I didn’t know, who could well be a serial killer behind his handsome god-like looks. It’s the type or erotica that doesn’t take it seriously, though (and is not meant to be taken as such) so I guess it works here 😀 As long as there’s playful banter!

    1. Hahaha! Yes, he can be a serial killer. I’ve watched too many crime shows to trust a stranger, especially one as hot as Sebastian. But after getting to know him, he’s a total catch!

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