In 2016, I decided to re-build my blog, focusing on the kind of lifestyle I want for myself. A lifestyle where I can explore opportunities that come my way and improve myself following Jesus' standards. With God, all things are possible.


Serving God is my top priority. The goal is to live a Christ-like life. This is where I share my faith walk. Read More.


As someone who spends a majority of her time at home, travel for me includes touring another town or city, apart from exploring the great outdoors. Read more.


Formerly known (or not) as Night Owl Reads, I try to read and review books when I have the chance. Current preference is Young Adult Fiction or New Adult Contemporary Romance. Read more.


Modern calligraphy is a new hobby I started last March. I am self-taught and still learning. Practice makes progress! Read more.


Once in a while we dine out. For years I've gotten used to taking pictures of food we eat, hopefully they end up here. Read More.


We have a pug and 3 half shih tzus. We recently adopted a stray aspin. I'm a proud dog momma. Dog lovers, welcome! Read more.

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