Dumbbells: Fitness Equipment Aspiring For Models

For those in the fashion or beauty industry, it is no secret that looking good and staying in shape are the keys to success. Dumbbells are worthwhile investments for those who want to tone their body and build muscle. Of course, you may have heard that some of the best ways to maintain a healthy weight is through aerobics and machine exercises. While this is partially true, it is important to note that free weights will mimic the natural movements of your body. So, dumbbells are an important component within any well-planned fitness programme. Let’s look at some of the benefits that they provide.

Freedom of Motion

One of the problems with weight machines is that they tend to restrict the natural motions of our bodies during exercise. While this may lessen the chances of injury, there is also the possibility that certain muscle groups will not be developed properly. Also, free weights will enable you to develop a more balanced physique. In fact, most fitness professionals actually prefer such natural planes of motion over the limited range that machines provide.

Strengthen Your Core

The core muscles of the abdomen and the lower back are two key areas that are important for an aspiring model to maintain. Why is this the case? These central muscles will promote better posture and a more erect spine; both critical when taking a stride down that famous catwalk. Machines have difficulty targeting these groups. The end result can be a physique that may appear trim but a posture that appears slightly stooped. So, the use of free weights is a great way to combat this unenviable possibility.


One of the most overlooked benefits that dumbbells provide is the ability for you to stretch while exercising. It is no secret that one of the best ways to prevent an injury is to stretch before, during and after any routine. Free weights (and the range of motion that they provide) will allow a greater amount of blood flow throughout the body. In turn, this will lessen the chances of a strain or muscle tear.

So, it is apparent that dumbbells will offer numerous benefits to any exercise programme. Of course, you should never attempt any movement without the help of a qualified professional. By employing free weights alongside cardiovascular activities and aerobics, you can achieve a body and a shape that will turn heads both on and off of the runway.

My Birthday Wishlist

Birthday photo, taken 5 years ago.

Birthday photo, taken 5 years ago.

My birthday is 2 days away and there’s a few material things that I want. I’m listing them here, in hopes that if someone wants to give me a gift, they’d know what I want. HA! HA!

I’ll be away during the weekend, off to a Summer Outing with the Singles of Victor Alabang. I’m super eggzoited!

Anyway, if you want to gift me books instead, click here. ;)

I like statement shirts, fandom shirts, any kind of shirt. I would love to receive any of these XD

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Players Will Rise, and Towers Will Fall This Summer!

Manila, Philippines, May 14, 2014– Summon your heroes, gather the swarm, and get ready to lock & load, as SENDI MUTIARA MULTIMEDIA PHILIPPINES, the leading iCAFE network solutions provider, is proud to announce their much anticipated CYBERSLAM 2014 Gaming Event happening this coming May 23-24, 2014. The Two Day gaming event will feature tournaments, along with other activities from SMM PH and their sponsors. Muster the horde at the 4th Floor of the Annex Events Area, SM North EDSA!

CyberSlam Cover

“We are proud to present you our much anticipated CYBERSLAM 2014 Event. It is the culmination of our hardwork, and we are hoping that the whole gaming community will reap good harvest from it. You cannot miss it.” – Benson Te, Assistant General Manager
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#100HappyDays Week 1 Recap


Yes, I’m back and rather late with this post. If you didn’t know already, there’s this thing called #100HappyDays, which I kept seeing in my social networking feeds – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc – and I got curious as to what it was about. So I Googled it and found the website 100happydays.com, where there’s a complete information about it.

I decided to join this thing because I want to keep finding something that makes me happy each day. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, it can be as simple as the food you had this morning, but it has to be something that really made you happy.

Anyway, I decided to do a recap thing where I tell stories behind the pictures I took and why it was the defining “happy” moment of my day. I kept putting it off though and I think it’s been 3 weeks already. Better late than never, yeah?

Period covered from April 23-29, 2014

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Welcome to My New Work Life

Last February, I  made a decision to resign from my job as a Local Store Marketing Coordinator of Gerry’s Grill, my last day would have been March, but I ended up getting offered to work at the head office as a Digital Marketing Assistant. I gave it some thought and accepted the job even though I haven’t seen the formal offer. Some would say it’s not a very good decision because the head office is in the North and I’m from the South. The travel time and expense would kill me. Plus, I don’t even know how much I’m getting paid or what the benefits are. It didn’t matter. I have aired out my reasons to other people who doesn’t seem to accept it so I wouldn’t lay out the details here. But one thing’s for sure, I am happy where I am right now even if it takes me 2 hours to get to work from my house. This is my new work life. :)

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Resto Challenge #01: Nathaniel’s

Part of my goal this year is to try out different restaurants, and this happens to be the first. Mom and I, with her friend, went to Nathaniel’s for lunch one Sunday afternoon after church. I’ve heard of that place before but didn’t know it was a restaurant.


It’s a small place in Molito, Alabang, and has the canteen vibe to it. I didn’t take pictures of the inside. They sell puto, puto pao, siopao, siomai, and other local delicacies. Nathaniel’s originated from Pampanga, and I’m so happy they have a branch nearby where I can go and buy my favorite puto pao.

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#FlashbackFriday : My Trip to Jakarta in 2005

I had the sudden urge to visit my old blog from 2005, back when I treated blogging as my diary, where I write uber random things and the writing style would surely annoy any present blogger. I considered importing the whole things here for the sake of “having proof” that I’ve been blogging for a decade already (started in 2003 by coding the posts manually and then moved to tblog.com in 2004), but that wouldn’t be advisable as my posts back then were ramblings of a 20-year old blogging newb. So I decided to re-publish some notable personal posts instead, like my trip to Jakarta in 2005. You know, to relive the memories. ;) I am posting it as it is, with a little reformatting to make it more presentable. ;) Continue reading →

Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer


Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer

I’m really not proud of my photo editing skills right now, but this will do.

On January 19, 2014, I purchased Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer from Lazada. I initially wanted the Shake n’ Go Smoothie Maker but mom convinced me to get the juicer instead as it will have a healthier purpose in our lives. It arrived 4 days later, which was very quick, in my opinion, although I kinda expected it to arrive because Lazada sent me a message every time there was progress with my order. The first one was informing me that my order was processed, and the second was when it was sent out to be delivered. I estimated it to arrive within 2 days and it did. AWESOME SERVICE!

Keep reading and you might just find a Discount Voucher Code somewhere below.

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