When Dogs Learn That Water is Friend

If you haven’t seen or didn’t know it yet, Kendo likes taking a dip/soaking in water when he feels hot. I have pictures and videos of him getting inside a basin or a pail of water and just sit there for a while till he feels refreshed.

Here’s a couple of pictures of Kendo taken from two separate occasions.

And then there was one time in Serendra where he waded in the fountain like thingy after a long walk. Here are a couple of videos.

Other than Kendo, MJ also learned that soaking in a basin full of cold water is quite refreshing.

Why you take my peekshur? XD

Today, mom and I were surprised to see Sydney get in in one of the basins and sat there for about 5 seconds. I have no picture though because by the time I returned with my camera, she was already drying herself.

The summer heat is already here and if we feel hot, the dogs feel hotter. Their body temperature is warmer than humans so we keep basins with water around so they can drink or soak anytime. I was trying to teach Simba how to sit in the basin of water the other day but he refuses to do it. So does the other female dogs.
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  1. Euri
    17 March, 2012

    Pwede bang mag swimming yung aso dun? =/

  2. nicklelove
    17 March, 2012

    IDK. I think bawal nga eh pero wala naman sumaway sa amin. May dumaan pang group of girls na tuwang tuwa. That was 3 years ago tho. 😀

  3. Denise Enriquez
    17 March, 2012

    THEY ARE SO ADORBZ OMG. The way Kendo walks around the fountain thing is so cute. :> And MJ(?), his colour is so nice! Like, a golden brown and his ears are so black. :O

  4. abbey
    21 March, 2012

    so cute! =)


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