2/52 Homecoming

Late as usual, this second photo for my Project 52 was taken last January 14, in my high school as we were there to celebrate our first annual homecoming. I dressed up, of course, and even combed my hair put lipstick on.

For week 2: January 8-14, 2012

I look sexy, don’t I? Well, it’s a trick! I know how to make myself look good in pictures I take. Haha!

1 thought on “2/52 Homecoming”

  1. Massa P aka fruityoaty


    1. Oh hey. You look nice. The jeggings work on you. On me… I hate them.

    2. You should buy a Pocket XShot (xshot.com). I bought one and it’s so awesome. You attach your camera to the XShot (retractable extender stick you hold). Use your timer function on your camera… Hold the stick. Click. Now you’re part of the picture (and the stick doesn’t appear in the photo if you hold it correctly).

    It’s WAY better than reflecting your image off a mirror… or stretching your arms awkwardly to snap a self-photo. Because those methods… you just get your face… With an Xshot, you get a lot of the background in the photo.

    I like to walk around a lot, take day trips on my own (in/out of the city). Awkward asking strangers to take pics of me (besides, you can’t trust everyone – LOL… might run off with your shiny camera).

    XShot comes in 2 versions (one is longer… and the other is a smaller pocket version). They both retract and can fit into your bag (obviously, the ‘pocket’ version will fit smaller sizes). Sometimes, I just stick it at the back pocket of my jeans (depends).

    I don’t regret this purchase. So many times in the past, I’m not part of the picture. This baby makes it easier.

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