1/52 Hello to 2012

Oh lookie! I’m doing the 52 weeks project, it’s where you would take a picture every week. I don’t know if I could stick to a theme or if I could commit doing self-portraits. We’ll see how it goes, one thing’s for sure, it’ll be something related to what happens around me all week.

This is for Week 1: January 1-7, 2012

For the first week [which I only had time to properly upload now, but it’s been my profile photo for 2 days], is this photo of me taken at the backstage of studio 6 in GMA Network. Edited with some apps from my new secondhand iPhone 3GS, I love how pretty I think I look here.

I think my theme would be “Instagram’d”. I’m currently addicted to Instagram and have been taking pictures of just about anything and anyone. I also have a lot of editing apps but haven’t really found one that stands out to me.

3 thoughts on “1/52 Hello to 2012”

  1. so how is your 52-week project coming along?? ako sa daily project ko, mejo struggling. hahaha! parang forced masyado na kaylangan may picture talaga everyday. minsan nakakatamad, or wala ako maisip picture-an kaya random lang. HAHAHA

  2. In fairness, may picture ako intended for the project, late ko lang lagi naipo-post. Like yung 2nd and 3rd week ko ngayon ko lang ilalagay. Hahaha! I know madaya pero I’ll try to post on time. Ang hirap ng 365 ah. I tried 5 times and only got as far as 2 months. LOL. This is my 2nd attempt at Project 52. Good luck on your project! 😀

  3. Massa P aka fruityoaty

    I FAILED on Week 1 attempt. LOL, I didn’t even post it. My theme was going to be ‘reflections’ – photos of myself on reflecting surfaces. Meh, not very original… I suppose.

    I have so many photos I want to upload to my blog, but it seems like a hassle… I’m thinking of installing a gallery-like photo album function (some WordPress plugins make this easy, for example, NextGen Gallery plugin). Then I could mark some ‘private’ and some ‘public’… And I don’t really want to use Flickr… I like having control of my OWN space.

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