Tito Maxim’s 50th Birthday

One of my mom’s best friends, tito Maxim, celebrated his 50th birthday last Saturday in Los Baños, Laguna. It was held in Gracious Garden Resort inside Park Merced.

The event was scheduled from afternoon till evening but we went in the evening because we can’t leave the house early. When we got there, children were already swimming and there’s a group of people using the videoke machine. I wanted to sing but didn’t get the chance to. Hahaha!

The party was catered, I forgot by whom, but there were so many food to choose from.

Letchong baboy

Fish fillet

Since we don’t eat pork, I only ate the chicken barbecue, fish fillet, and pancit. I didn’t notice the beef the first time.

Somewhere in the back

Mom and tito Noel

“gulat” look

view from above

Group picture!

the birthday celebrator~

After the blowing of cake candles, there was a fire dancer. I couldn’t get good picture of it, especially when he was “spitting fire” because the camera I’m using wasn’t configured properly. I did however, get these pictures. 😀

After him, there were a couple of gay fire dancers that performed too, but I didn’t get a chance to take pictures because I was in the rest room, I couldn’t get back to my seat to get the camera. 🙁

And then there were cupcakes that was so good. They’re plain chocolate with vanilla flavored icing but it was perfect. 🙂

It was a fun party, and we enjoyed being there. Now that I know how to get to Laguna, I want to go back some other time. 🙂

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  1. WanderShugah
    26 June, 2012

    wow your tito looks so young! belated happy birthday to him! lovin the food! ahh and the place looks so nice! NORTH PEAK X WANDER SHUGAH GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

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