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If I’m not mistaken, it was last Friday when mom and I went shopping for some things we needed. I made a shopping list using the iPod app I downloaded the day before. I wasn’t planning on buying much, just items that I think I would need in the near future, like supplies.

I bought a new pair of sharp scissors for cutting fabric [OH YES, I’m going to do a DIY project soon!], all our household scissors are dull or chipped or broken. The pen corrector on the left side came with the scissors, it’s like a promo buy one, take one thing. The cutter is 10 pesos only, bought outside the supermarket because the cheapest one inside the market is almost 40 pesos. I may or may not need it for cutting boards [or myself. LOLjk]. The pencil is for marking stuff, I couldn’t find fabric chalk in that supermarket and I don’t want to use the teacher’s chalk. Then there’s the whiteboard pen for my whiteboard that I can’t find when I got home so mom told me I could buy a new one instead. [Isn’t my mom so cool? She didn’t even ask what I need it for.] I bought the stapler because we don’t have one, we used to have one that’s been with us for years but I think she gave or threw it away when we moved. It will be useful one day. The last thing is 4 different sizes of safety pins which also cost 10 pesos. One thing I needed that they didn’t have was a sewing kit. The one we have here in the house has been with us since i was a toddler, as far as I remember, and it’s all messed up and missing a lot of sewing things. Hehe. I’m going to look for one in MoA when I go there maybe tomorrow if i still have the money.

When we got home, that’s when I searched for the whiteboard in the “attic” and I couldn’t find it. I did, however, ended up fixing some things up there and the sewing machine is ready to be used one of these days. I think I need a few scrap cloths to practice the stitches on first. Since my first project would just be cutting a huge shirt I’ve had for a year, I think I’ll use scrap cloth from that shirt.

I also bought this 100g POND’S Pure White facial foam. I finished the 50g one in a couple of months or so, and since it’s really effective on me, i decided to buy the bigger tube [That, and they didn’t have the small tube]. Then the Vaseline sunblock lotion with SPF 30. I was going to get the green one, I think it’s refreshing lotion or something, I used the small bottle of that and it evaporated coz I keep forgetting it in the car. I bought this one instead because it’s a sunblock and it’s not sticky and it’s waterproof. I tried it already and after putting it on, it wasn’t sticky as promised.


  1. CandySlytherin
    17 October, 2011


  2. Nix
    17 October, 2011

    You’re not using it anymore? Okay lang yan, I’ll use it when I sleep over or something. LOL.


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