The Past (2011-2020)

Workout Log – Sept. 8


This morning, I managed to wake up early and set my sights on joining the Dance Beats (Zumba) class at the gym. I was a little late but caught up with the rest of the group. Once again, I enjoyed every single moment of it despite the pain I felt in my arms and legs. Surely I’ll feel sore tomorrow morning.

Afterwards, I did a bunch of random exercises using the Sworkit app. Absolutely no idea what I was doing. I just didn’t feel like using weights. Mostly, I just lay on the mat and stretched. Every part of my body hurts. I know it’s worth it.

I’m not used to having breakfast but since I’m “working out” I should start getting used to eating something in the morning.

Breakfast: plain oatmeal
Lunch: honey-glazed chicken with brown rice from Detoxify
Dinner: Nestle Fitness cereals
Snack: cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese