The Past (2011-2020)

Workout Log – Sept. 7


There’s a scheduled Functional 50 class today and I considered participating but I was also attending the 10am Women 2 Women. I figured if I joined the class, I’ll be late for W2W, so I decided to just go on the elliptical to do some cardio.

Sept 7 cardio

I set the time to 20 mins, doing a workout plan of 4-1, maintaining my strides from 120-135. The Crossramp is set at 4 and resistance switching from 2-4. I did well compared to my previous attempt if I do say so myself. I didn’t have much of a hard time too. The difference is the workout plan I did. I realize I should have chosen the 4-3 workout plan like before. Once again, I felt good after my 20-minute workout.

This month I started writing down my food intake throughout the day. I’m not exactly counting calories but I thought it would be good to write things down as part of my documentation.

Breakfast: Kani sandwich from 7-11 and Monde mamon
Lunch: Beef kaldereta and 1 cup white rice
Dinner: Beef tapa, fried egg, and fried rice (I crie)