The Past (2011-2020)

Workout Log – Aug. 23


I am taking this workout thing seriously. As seriously as I can manage. LOL. I was late for the body beats class (kinda like zumba) and managed to take the photo above before joining in on the fun. I enjoyed that so much. I love dancing. It’s one of the things I love doing when I get the chance. My arms and legs hurt after the class but it felt so good. It was worth it.

Afterwards, I went on the machines to tone my muscles, as one of the instructors told me. I concentrated on my legs this time, using the leg extension machine(?) not sure what it’s called. I set the weights on 40lbs/18kls and do 2 sets of 15. I’m getting used to it too, which makes me feel good about myself. Heh. I also used the machine that tones the inner and outer thighs. That’s all and I went to lunch. 😛