The Past (2011-2020)

Where’s Damon?

I have yet to write the full story about my pugs but this is just too cute to let pass. Damon is one of the puppies we have. He’s half-pug, half-shih tzu, and has a mixed brown-white color. We were surprised when he came out.

Damon is born from Cyndi and MJ [yes, they are siblings], which makes him and Stefan special. [I named them after the Salvatore brothers from The Vampire Diaries]. One of his quirks is he often disappears when we let all the puppies out from their play pen. I would often find him in corners or under tables, one his recent finds was under the stairs.

One time, I was looking for him and couldn’t find him in his usual hiding places, that’s when I found him under the stairs. The photo above was taken weeks after that first encounter. I thought he didn’t fit under there anymore but I was wrong.

It turns out, he was sleeping comfortably.

I’ve been spotted!

He’s so cute! He just stared at me while I took pictures.

When he finally came out, he proceded to annoy Kendo. <3

He also loves drinking water.

Sometimes he knows he’s Damon, sometimes he doesn’t respond. The puppies are almost 3 months old, I still have a lot of time to teach them tricks when we move to the new house. They’re all cute and cuddly. <3