The Past (2011-2020)

Walang Tulugan Feb. 3 Taping

I often check my iPhoto to remind me what to blog about next as I often forget what happens in my daily life. There’s not much there, I guess I just didn’t take that many pictures from my camera. I did, however, used Jepoy’s DSLR when he and Glen came over to Walang Tulugan taping last Friday. Those pictures where uploaded to his Facebook account so I’ll just link them here instead.

It was a busy night as the show was celebrating its 16th anniversary. There were no room for errors as each guest had to go on after the previous one is done. The day before, Mia had to learn 2 dance numbers with the other co-hosts (or at least the ones who showed up) and the teenstars. The next day, aside from the 2 dance numbers she learned the night before, she had to practice a production number with Teejay Marquez, Rhen Escaño, Hiro Magalona and Kim Komatsu.

That night was not just tiring for her, but also for me because I had to go up and down the stairs, go to the other building, and there were a couple of times we lost track of each other and had to find one another, and I almost spent the entire night standing up. There were so many people, we barely got the chance to talk.

It was fun, all in all. I am so proud of her for surviving the night after all the things she had to do. Here’s the video I am most proud of.

I cut and uploaded her part only. This number hasn’t aired on TV yet, it will be shown this Saturday. I’ll upload the full video after it has aired. Her solo dance wasn’t focused as far as I know.

And now for the photo dump!

Mia Lopez with Gab Valenciano

Not my finest moment.
This is Glen.
Rhen with a fan who we think is pretty.
Rhen and Hiro
What Hiro calls a “cool shot”. I took this because his phone’s battery charge is low.
Lharby playing Temple Run.
Gaby Garcia and Mia Lopez. GPOY.
Kyle Barles looking handsome.
Pretty Kim Komatsu
Mia and Lharby
Jepoy and Glen with Shirley Fuentes
MIA = Mia In Action
Wild Cat

Mia with a t-shirt from Glen. Yay~
Yep. We were there till 6am.

Thanks to Jepoy for letting me use his DSLR. 😀