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Top 5 Game Picks for July

Top 5 Game Picks for July - Nickle Loves to Blog

The picture has nothing to do with this post. I was just too lazy to snap a recent photo so I decided to use a picture from my childhood. ūüėõ

I quit playing games a couple of years ago and only kept Clash of Clans as my stress reliever. But since I stopped playing CoC last April, I searched for alternative games which didn’t need an internet connection or didn’t require me to come back to it often so I can play at my own pace. I downloaded a bunch of free games from the Play Store and checked them out one by one.

I don’t know if I’ll do this on a monthly basis, but I just wanted to share the games I discovered and enjoyed playing.

My Top 5 Game Picks

5. REBUS – Absurd Logic Game

REBUS - Absurd Logic Game - Nickle Loves to Blog
Image from Apps Fan

REBUS is a¬†challenging logic game where you have to guess what the picture means. It’s easy and hard at the same time. I got stuck on a few levels at some point that I either give up or try again on a different day, when my perception has changed.

4. Alphabear

Alphabear - Nickle Loves to Blog

I love Spy Fox’s Triple Town, a game that I’ve been playing when I had an iPhone. It’s easy¬†but challenging. So when I checked out the Play Store for other games from the same developer, I found Alphabear, a puzzle game where you have to make words out of the available tiles on the board. Each tile¬†has a countdown number of turns which you have to¬†use before they turn to rocks, and your bears won’t be able to grow that way.

Alphabear Sample - Nickle Loves to Blog
Image from AppAdvice

I enjoyed playing this game because it challenges my vocabulary.¬†At first I could only make 3-5 letter words, but eventually I could come up with 5-7 letter words. The only downside to this game is that it costs a lot to play a board. You only have 120¬†honey and it takes 70 honeys to play a regular board, and 50 honeys to play the blitz mode. Meaning I can only play 2 games at a time, or maybe 3 if the honeys recover enough for another round of blits. There’s also a tresure hunt board where 400 coins are required to play. You can purchase more coins or get them as rewards from playing a regular or blitz board. The honey takes a long time to fill too, so I tend to forget about this game.

3. City 2048

City2048 - Nickle Loves to Blog

City 2048 is combination of the puzzle game 2048 and Triple Town. Instead of adding numbers, you add 2 things to make it something else. Two grasses makes a house, two houses makes a¬†community, two communities makes a villa, two villas makes a mansion, two mansions makes a building, and so on, until the board is filled. It’s a fairly easy game which requires little brain power, unless you take it very seriously and plan ahead. I usually just swipe in a couple of directions.


2. Puzzle Forge 2

Puzzle Forge 2 - Nickle Loves to Blog

This is my current favorite game. I sometimes end up playing this for hours and realize the sun is already up and I’m still awake. LOL. With similar gameplay like Triple Town, you add 2 ores to a mold, and it takes 3 molds to forge weapons. Adding 3 ores makes a higher ore (i.e. 3x bronze = iron, 3x iron = silver, 3x silver = gold), and the higher ores you have in a mold, the higher quality of weapons you get.

Each day you get a number of customers with their weapon orders. The game doesn’t have a timer, but each customer’s order has a countdown timer to a number of moves before they walk out. Don’t worry, it takes quite a long time for them to get pissed and you would be able to provide what they need. By the way, what’s left in your board at the end of the day gets carried over to the next day, so the trick to staying alive in the game for long is to keep the board clean. The longest I’ve gone was 101 days and it got harder at that point.

1. Atomas

Atomas is great for quick play. It’s all about atoms. You tap between two atoms to place one in the middle. A ‘plus’ combines 2 similar atoms forming it to a higher one, a ‘symmetry’ in the circle forms a chain reaction. A ‘minus’ absorbs an atom allowing you to replace it. If you tap the absorbed atom, it turns into a ‘plus’. The game ends when the circle is full, in which case you can use an ‘Antimatter’ on one side of it to get rid of half the atoms.

There are rare occasions where you get a cloning atom or a more rare occurrence, the black ‘plus’, the latter allows adding of two different atoms in the circle, forming a higher valued atom.