The Past (2011-2020)

To whom it may concern

I suck for not blogging as much as i used to. Same old-same old. Still thinking about blogging but been to lazy to do anything about it. I guess you can blame the fact that i lost my self-hosted blog after my host disappeared and no one was answering any query. The least they could do was inform their clients what happened instead of just leaving us hanging. I believe i have mentioned many times before that i cannot afford to get a new hosting plan now, that is why i shifted to Tumblr and made a personal blog here in blogspot, where i made my first serious blog in 2005. This is where i also dabbled in layout/theme making and i had a bunch of designs i was proud of despite them being too normal/easy. It saddens me a bit that i never considered keeping a copy of those themes/layouts to remind me how passionate i was with doing them. I spent HOURS and DAYS making themes that were beautiful in my eyes.

To write in detail what i have been up to for the past year or so would require a lot of thinking on my part, trying to remember things is sort of my weakness as i tend to forget a lot. My mom would say “it’s a good thing that you don’t forget to wear your undergarments.” Let’s just say i’ve been bumming out as usual but still trying, convincing myself every single day to get a grip on life and start doing something good. I don’t know what my problem is, maybe i give in too much to temptation and procrastinate a lot.

There are a lot of things that need fixing, which i plan to do one day at a time. This past week i was lured back into playing Facebook games, but i am quitting as soon as tomorrow. There are still things that need to be done in the attic, i thought i was done but apparently there are things we have to get rid of. (To think we already got rid of 3/4 of what we owned, and we had a lot of junk.) I love the internet and my online life but i recently realized that i should go back to the simplicity of life while still enjoying my time online. I miss some activities i enjoyed doing before the internet invaded my life like cross-stitching, reading book, biking, swimming, malling, hanging out with friends, making jewelry, etc.

Right now, i can’t really own books. I had to get rid of the ones i owned because we have no space for the in the house and i haven’t read any of them in a long time. I just kept buying what i wanted to read but they’d be in the shelf gathering dust. I have to be practical so i gave my books to my good friend Mia and resorted to ebooks, since i am now the proud owner of a secondhand iPod Touch 2g. I have read 8 books so far this 2011 (3 in March, 2 in May, 1 in July, 2 in August) and i am trying to finish my 9th. I feel so good about it.

Since this is a more personal blog, like things happening in my life, my thoughts about movies, books, and music will be covered in (which i should really update too! LOL). Maybe i should work on my blogs more. Again. Soon.

Dear blog,

I’ve missed you. I really want to write soon but i don’t want to make any promises i can’t keep. You are always in my mind. See you soon.