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Tips For the Perfect #Foodstagram Shot

Foodstagram Shot

Filipinos looove to eat. The Philippines is also known for being the selfie capital of the world. It shouldn’t be a surprise that in this day and age, Filipinos take pictures of their food before eating it. I’m guilty of this. What will you do with hundred of pictures of your food? I for one intend to do it for a blog post and restaurant review but end up not writing about the experience and would just post it on my social media account. Hehehehe. I assume a lot of people do the same.

Taking the perfect food shot worthy of becoming a #foodstagram post takes some practice, a lot of patience, and settling for food that has gone cold after taking too many photos. LOL. I don’t consider myself an expert at this but I thought I’d share some tips that could be useful for fellow enthusiasts like me.

Tips For the Perfect #Foodstagram Shot

  1. Take a top shot to show what makes up your meal. Some dishes have the ingredients deconstructed in one plate, while homemade meals can also be plated nicely as seen below:

  1. Shoot at an angle that includes other dishes (blurred) in the background. Not all dishes are created equal. Some are too small to be identified in a top shot. This sushi, for example, looks better at this angle with the other plate of sushi strategically placed in the background.

  1. Sharing is caring. Having your friends take food from the plate creates excitement on a rather boring looking dish.
    P.S. This was not scripted. They were really hungry.

  1. Crop crop crop. I find beverages a little hard to capture. Should I take it from the side? Do I take a top shot? With this angle, I was able to show the design of my drink and gave it an artistic feel by cropping it in the corner of the frame.

  1. Enhance the photo to emphasize color. Sometimes all it takes it a little enhancement to make the food ‘pop’. I personally like vibrant photos and this is one of my favorite food shots. But make it a point to not overdo the enhancement, otherwise, it would look too edited. Usually, I just play with brightness, contrast, and saturation

The examples I posted were taken from a cheap-o smartphone. It’s not that hi-res but good enough in small screens. Again, I’m not an expert and usually, I just do whatever feels right at the moment. These are just some of the things I do when I take pictures of my food. What about you? I’d like to know your tips in capturing the perfect #foodstagram shot. Leave them in the comments and I’ll update this post when I try them myself. ^_^