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This Is The Plan: 2014 Goals and Challenges

I suck at imagery and typography. :|
I suck at imagery and typography. 😐

The new year came full of inspiration. I suddenly found myself overflowing with ideas of things to do and what to write about. I did not make a New Year’s Resolution, but instead, I am going to work towards a goal. Or rather, a few goals.

First up…

  1. Challenge myself.

    These things are already part of my life, hobbies, if you will, but I wanted to challenge myself to do better or add a twist to them.

    1. Read 24 Books
      • I failed the 2013 book challenge where I aimed to read 50 books, same as in 2012. I tried to read as much as I can, I even resorted to audiobooks during my commute to and from work. That’s part of the reason I was able to finish 24 books. This year, I am setting the target a little lower, 2 books per month.
      • Higher level: Read at least one (1) classical novel and five (5) books by a Filipino author.
    2. Watch 50 Movies
      • Watching movies is easier to accomplishΒ because it takes about 2 hours to finish one. Initially I intended to set the target at 100, but I want to give myself time to enjoy other things too and not just sit around all day (during my day off of work) watching movies.
      • Higher level: Add 10 Asian movies to the roster.
    3. Eat at 30 Restaurants I haven’t been to
      • Okay. This one would cost me more than the others. Part of my job as a marketer in a restaurant is to know what other restaurants have to offer. We call it competitor’s check, or comp check, for short. That was what inspired me to try different restaurants I haven’t been to. I usually eat out but only to places I have been to. So the challenge is to try something different or new.
    4. Make 12 YouTube Videos
      • I have always wanted to make YouTube videos but they take time and creativity. I took videos of myself singing or singing while playing the guitar. I even made a “music video” last year out of boredom. This year I want to start making more videos, about anything really, and the target is once a month.
  2. Have a healthy-(er) lifestyle.

    • Since October 2013, I’ve had a plan of eating healthier. Not exactly go on a diet, but add fruits and vegetables to my daily food intake. I’ve also started eating flavored oatmeal and I just finished the bag a few days ago, I’m now left with plain oatmeal. I’m also getting a juicer so I’ll have more fruits and veggie intake than meals. I actually lost 10 kilos in November, but I gained all that weight and more during the holidays.
    • Part of having a healthier lifestyle is to exercise. I’ve already thought of joining the Zumba classes at ATC every Tuesdays and Thursday. I just have to find out what the requirements are. I hope it doesn’t cost much.
  3. Learn an invaluable Skill.

    • I saw this list of 24 Invaluable Skills to Learn for Free and I think it’s so cool that the sites listed in it are giving free lessons. I am considering learning Ruby on Rails, but I have to check out that Excel thing, it’ll come in handy at work.
    • I will definitely do that free voice lesson from Berklee College Of Music.
  4. Do more crafts/DIY.

    • The best things in life are free. And sometimes, you just have to look around and be creative. Crafts and DIYs have caught my interest since 2012 and I still haven’t done anything that would benefit me in the long run. A project involving fasteners would require checking out reid supply website, but a simple project like a DIY bookshelf would be perfect for me.
  5. Travel.

    • Aaah…the last of my goals. I’ve always wanted to travel but never had the means to do it. I mean, I’ve been to places but that’s because of mom, and I/we didn’t have the luxury of touring. Now that I have a job, I could start my dream of backpacking around the Philippines, for starters. With travel blogs that teaches you how to travel on a budget, it could really happen.

That’s 5 goals I am confident that I can carry out this year. Planning is easy, following through is usually my problem. We’ll just have to see how I do by the end of the year. I really want to go on adventures and experience life as much as I can. How about you, dear reader, what are your goals this 2014? Leave your thoughts at the comments area and I’ll get back to you as well. πŸ˜‰