The Past (2011-2020)

Things I Bought

If I’m not mistaken, it was last Friday when mom and I went shopping for some things we needed. I made a shopping list using the iPod app I downloaded the day before. I wasn’t planning on buying much, just items that I think I would need in the near future, like supplies.

I bought a new pair of sharp scissors for cutting fabric [OH YES, I’m going to do a DIY project soon!], all our household scissors are dull or chipped or broken. The pen corrector on the left side came with the scissors, it’s like a promo buy one, take one thing. The cutter is 10 pesos only, bought outside the supermarket because the cheapest one inside the market is almost 40 pesos. I may or may not need it for cutting boards [or myself. LOLjk]. The pencil is for marking stuff, I couldn’t find fabric chalk in that supermarket and I don’t want to use the teacher’s chalk. Then there’s the whiteboard pen for my whiteboard that I can’t find when I got home so mom told me I could buy a new one instead. [Isn’t my mom so cool? She didn’t even ask what I need it for.] I bought the stapler because we don’t have one, we used to have one that’s been with us for years but I think she gave or threw it away when we moved. It will be useful one day. The last thing is 4 different sizes of safety pins which also cost 10 pesos. One thing I needed that they didn’t have was a sewing kit. The one we have here in the house has been with us since i was a toddler, as far as I remember, and it’s all messed up and missing a lot of sewing things. Hehe. I’m going to look for one in MoA when I go there maybe tomorrow if i still have the money.

When we got home, that’s when I searched for the whiteboard in the “attic” and I couldn’t find it. I did, however, ended up fixing some things up there and the sewing machine is ready to be used one of these days. I think I need a few scrap cloths to practice the stitches on first. Since my first project would just be cutting a huge shirt I’ve had for a year, I think I’ll use scrap cloth from that shirt.

I also bought this 100g POND’S Pure White facial foam. I finished the 50g one in a couple of months or so, and since it’s really effective on me, i decided to buy the bigger tube [That, and they didn’t have the small tube]. Then the Vaseline sunblock lotion with SPF 30. I was going to get the green one, I think it’s refreshing lotion or something, I used the small bottle of that and it evaporated coz I keep forgetting it in the car. I bought this one instead because it’s a sunblock and it’s not sticky and it’s waterproof. I tried it already and after putting it on, it wasn’t sticky as promised.