The Past (2011-2020)

Things I Bought and Learned Today

This morning, I sent a text message to Mia telling her to come over if she ever wants to. Of course she did. Initially, the plan was to stay in the house while I did chores and she wanted to try the shisha my mom bought about 3 weeks ago. However, we ended up having early dinner in Sbarro and buying stuff I needed for my sewing kit and a project I wanted to do.

For early dinner, I had cheese and white cheese pizza. Yes, two slices of pizza because I’m a glutton. Mia had baked zitti in white sauce.

It was fun and we talked about a lot of things. First thing I learned was we’ve been good friends for 8 months now, but it feels like forever. Maybe it’s because we first met more or less 10 years ago and we spent 3 days in that beach in Pagudpod. We were reunited just last year and now, we’re good friends sharing stories and making fun of each other.

After we ate, we searched for things that I needed. I was only looking for a wide sized garter when she pulled me to Puzzle Dazzle, a crafts shop which I found awesome because I’m a self-proclaimed crafty person. I had the same feeling I get when I’m in a bookstore, it felt like home. I wanted to buy everything! Cross-stitch patterns, scrapbooking materials (I suck at making scrapbooks), diorama thingies, puzzles, etc. They had crochet items too and I bought crochet thread and hook out of impulse. I’ve always wanted to learn and I felt like this was the right time.

All in all I bought the following items:

  • an organizer box
  • ball of crochet thread
  • crochet hook
  • thread cutter
  • cloth pins

I also bought tape measure, buttons, and garter from the department store. I wanted to get a pin cushion too but I want to make one myself instead. 🙂

This is what my new sewing kit looks like now. It’s still missing some items but it’ll do for now. 😀

When I got home after dropping Mia off in their house, I cleaned the dogs and puppies and hanged that towel laundry. Then I searched for crochet tutorials from YouTube and found this basic tutorial for beginners.

It was hard to test on thread, I really need the yarn kind for practice and basic projects. But I did manage to follow this tutorial with much difficulty because the thread kept slipping off my fingers. I made mistakes but it doesn’t matter, I can practice some more. No photo of the finished product, I’m too sleepy to take pictures and upload them here.

Here’s the second part of the tutorial where other kinds of basic crochet were sampled. I think I was able to follow double crochet and half-double crochet. As for the rest, I need a yarn. Hahaha! Also, at some point I think I insert the hook at the wrong loop. Definitely need more practice.

It felt so good to learn something new. I did learn fast and I’m so excited to make small items. I’ll buy the big hook and crochet yarn tomorrow. I have to hide the thread thought so my mom won’t get mad at me for buying impulsively. Hahahaha!

Apart from that, I also want to work on my stitching, learn how to use mom’s sewing machine again. We haven’t used it for years! I also want to revive my passion for cross-stitching. I still have my last cross-stitch project and it’s barely half-way done. The last time I worked on it was about 12 years ago. Hahahahaha!