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The Wicked Experience

Wicked Experience

On Tuesday night, I took the day off from work to watch Wicked the musical with my mom at Solaire. I have been waiting for this moment ever since I saw the advert for the show a couple of months ago. A friend sponsored our tickets and I am eternally grateful for her generosity.

It was our first time at Solaire and we took a bunch of photos inside like a couple of ignorant tourists. Hehehehe. It was a good thing we arrived a little early. We had time to have dinner at the food court and enjoyed our meal.

Mom had Roti Paratha (Php280) and I had Beef Kaldereta (Php320). Both dishes were a lot for a single person to finish and it was totally worth the price.

By the time we made our way back to the theater, the show was about to start. Since it was a Tuesday night, a lot of seats were unoccupied but we weren’t allowed to move to seats with a better view, not that we tried, but a group of girls did after the first act and was told to move by the usher.

The show started strong. I was immediately amazed by the talent I was witnessing. It has been quite a while since I last saw a theatrical play and I believe it’s the first time I’ve watched an international production. There were a lot of funny scenes and of course, the incredible musical numbers left me speechless.

When they started singing my favorite song from the play, (which I first heard from Glee), Defying Gravity, I wanted to sing my heart out but decided against it — it wasn’t a concert after all — and just sat there enjoying the performance. That was the end of the first act. I wanted to watch that part again because it was just too amazing.

Years ago, I saw The Wizard of Oz performed by Repertory Philippines. Somewhere near the end of Wicked, I could imagine where The Wizard of Oz begins. It was truly a wonderful show and an imaginative take on what happened before Dorothy came to Oz. I love how their lives connected in this origin story. I can’t wait to read the books to find out what happens next!

I praise God for the opportunity to see an extraordinary performance and for giving me a mother who taught me how to appreciate the arts.