The Past (2011-2020)

The Sunday Currently Vol. 4


Yes, my header image isn’t current but I don’t have any pictures for the day except for food. Can’t believe it’s been a week since I was at Calaguas Island. I miss the beach already and I’m excited for my next adventure.


Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ The Lightning Thief. I’ve been in the Middle Grade mood these days, I just finished Wonder by R.J. Palacio and it was a great read. I haven’t reviewed it yet, but maybe I’ll get to write one soon since I don’t have a cellphone to distract me. (Story about not having a phone soon).


Blog post for my trip at Calaguas Island last weekend, I’m half-way through it and may post it without videos because friends haven’t sent me copies yet. Also writing in my book blog.


My Spotify is currently on Halsey. Or Today’s Top Hits. That’s how I keep up with current trends in music but I would like to listen to more indie music.


About my “life changing” plans.


Neutral. I’m not smelling anything in particular.


Gandang Gabi Vice. I was watching Jessica Soho earlier but it ended and they’re showing a movie, tagalized I believe, so I switched channels and here I am.


I could go with some friends to Fortune Island this coming weekend. But I’ve decided to save my money, stay in the city, and attend a church activity instead. ^_^


I’d get my 13th month pay this November. LOL. I want to pay my credit card and shop!


Faded cyan racerback shirt aaaand… boxer shorts. Always and forever. Hahahaha


IHAP! International House of Almusal ng Pinoy. We just came home from having dinner there and I. AM. SO. FULL. The food was great! I had a burger and it was soooo worth it. We also had Nilagang Bulalo, Sisig, and Squid and they were all good. I’ll write about it soon enough.


A new cellphone. When I think about it, I don’t really need a phone but it would be a waste to buy gadgets for separate needs such as a camera and ebook reader so a smartphone is a better choice. I’m surviving without a phone though, I use BlueStacks on my PC for Instagram and everything else can be accessed from the computer anyway, so my current situation is allowing me to have more time for reading books.


More sleep. I’m working on correcting my sleeping habits and getting on a productive routine.


Bloated and sleepy. There’s still something I want to blog about but since it’s already 11pm I’d better get to bed soon. Read and then sleep.


Checking off episodes from series I’ve already watched at TV Show Time.