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The Sunday Currently Vol. 3

The Sunday Currently Vol 3

It’s been a while. I’ve been so uninspired. I rarely go out and take pictures even at home. Anyway, here’s what’s up in my Sunday Currently…


I think my interest has shifted back to reading. I finished The Wednesday Letters last week, and started reading Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart. I love Miranda. She’s hilarious and I can hear her voice in my head while reading. So far it’s been fluff with a few funny instances.

I’m also beta reading something a friend of a friend wrote, who is now also my friend. She was inspired to write based off a Filipino myth and needed a Filipino’s opinion. Embarrassingly, I have never heard of that myth until they told me about it. It’s not a famous myth, I guess, but then again I’m not very familiar with myths.


Reviews in my book blog to prepare for the coming week. I’ve been active in that niche more than anything else.


Love Pop playlist on Spotify. OH I just “discovered” Halsey and I am beginning to like her songs. Indie girl singing. LOL.


About my work smart strategy for this week so I will have more monies and join that Cagbalete trip I’m invited to. Basically, I’m conditioning my mind and body to work 9 hours a day instead of the usual 7. I know. Lazy.


My hair! It’s fragrant. I didn’t shampoo today because I shampooed yesterday twice to get rid of the dirt and stickiness, plus I didn’t go out so my hair didn’t get dirty. Tomorrow I will condition it.


Jaun Tamad on GMA 7. I still have some series in my hard drive but I can’t focus on that right now. Local TV it is for now.


Richard (the puglet) was still with us. He died last month and it was devastating. Mom and I would remember him and his cuteness and it would make us teary-eyed. I would like to remember his funny antics instead of what he looked like when I found him lying on the floor. UGH. He loved to swim. I wanted to take him to the beach next year, and now that I’m going with a few friends to Cagbalete, it kind of makes me sad because I could be taking him with me to that trip.


To get out this week. I’ve been cooped up in my small world and I need to get out once in a while, even just to go to the nearby mall.


Racerback shirt and boxer shorts. Always boxer shorts. Which reminds me, I need new ones and also shorts for going out.


Damon is finally showing signs he understands how to play fetch. Now that Richard is gone (huhuhu), D’s not afraid to move around the house anymore and we played fetch a few times today and yesterday too. I think he doesn’t want to “play dead”, I was trying to teach him that trick. We’ll play fetch every day and then I’ll teach him to fetch slippers next. Hahaha.


A new bookshelf. My current makeshift shelf is almost full. Two weeks ago I went to that furniture place across Robinson’s Mall and they have bookshelves that I can afford. I mean, they’re not that bad and would work for me.


A laptop. I miss my MacbookPro so much. It’s been more than a year since it broke and couldn’t be repaired. I can’t afford to get a new one, but I can afford to buy a decent laptop I can use for work and blogging. I don’t play computer games anymore so something basic with a good RAM and speed is okay. AND with a high capacity hard drive.


Lazy, which is a given. But other than that, I feel content. I finished my work hours yesterday, I’m blogging again, and spending time with my dogs even if we’re just rolling on the floor.


picjumbo. Looking at stock images coz I don’t have pictures for this post. Hahahahahaha