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The Sunday Currently Vol. 2

The Sunday Currently Vol 2

A lot of things has happened in the past two weeks. Aside from work, I spent last Sunday lining up at the book signing of Christine Brae, Tarryn Fisher, and Colleen Hoover. On Thursday, one my dogs, Richard, passed away and it was devastating. To make myself feel better, I went to Broadway Centrum yesterday to watch Eat Bulaga live in the hopes to see Alden Richards. My mission was a success. I went to MIBF afterwards and bought 6 books less 20% off! While I find time to write about those things, here’s what I’m currently up to:


I’m still “reading” The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher and a new found friend finished writing her book and asked me to read it. I can’t say what the title is yet but it’s based in Filipino mythology.


More like re-writing old book reviews in my book blog. One day I sat down and mapped out how I want my blogs to be like and I’m in the execution stage. I could have left my previous posts alone but I want them to align with the new concept. All words are my own and limit duplicate content as much as possible.


To an audiobook of The Opportunist. I switch between reading and listening depends on which of my senses are available.


Of Richard. I miss him. </3


Kylie who’s in my lap. There was a loud thunder, she got scared and hopped up my lap.


24 Oras Weekend. Because keeping up with the news is important.


For Christmas to come sooner. Because 13th month pay.


The rest of my dogs don’t get sick anymore. I can’t handle another death in our family.


Boxer shorts with a hole in my right butt cheek and comfy green sleeveless shirt / sando.


The new books I got from MIBF yesterday.


To write more substantial articles but I keep getting distracted. I can’t keep track of my train of thoughts.


More sleep. And a massage! I still feel tired from yesterday’s activities.


We’re still in mourning, but I also feel happy and content at the same time. I don’t want to give in to sadness because I don’t want to sulk and cry all day.