The Past (2011-2020)

The Girl In Me

We usually go to church on Sundays but this week, we went on the Saturday evening mass. After attending Fashion Academy Manila’s open house, I’ve been conscious with what I wear when I go out. That night, I wore my favorite brown pants and the top mom bought from Jakarta. I accessorized with a black bangle and dangling earrings [which can’t be seen in the photo]. Fixed my hair 3 times and I couldn’t get it to look how I want it to be. I thought it looked nice but apparently, it was a bit messy in the back.

I clean up nicely, don’t I? XD

Excuse the messy bedroom, I didn’t realize it till it was late and we were in a hurry. I was even thinking of taking a proper picture that I could post in lookbook. Yes, I have a lookbook account with no posts. I was thinking I’d start dressing up and take care of myself better and post my progress there but still no luck.

For the past few months I’ve been browsing through DIY blogs and they are very inspiring. I believe I’ve mentioned it before in my old posts. I want to start making my own accessories again and upcycle my clothes, I’ve actually tried but everything is such a mess right now. So the first order of business is organizing everything. That’s what I tried doing last month but I got frustrated because there’s so many beading materials and my room was so messy. Last week, I changed the look of my bedroom again. I’ll write that in a separate post because I have yet to take a photo of what my room looks like right now. But it’s looking pretty!

Anyway, here are photos of some of the beading materials I organized last month.

There’s more where that came from. After moving houses twice in 2 years, some of the materials got mixed up. I want NEED a shelf or a cabinet to house these babies. Oh I tried making my own materials but the pliers I have here are thicker which made it hard to make small loops, I need thinner pliers for those.

This week, I plan to organize these materials some more and use the cabinet outside mom’s room to house them so I can access them easily when I need something. Originally, they were intended to be inside my room, but since that’s not possible as my room is very small and lacks the needed shelving, the cabinet outside will have to do. The OC-ness is creeping on me, I want everything organized before I start “working” but I am very excited to explore my creativity and be productive for a change.

Wish me luck! XD