The Past (2011-2020)

The Fashion Academy Manila Summer Workshop Open House

The Fashion Academy Manila had an open house/free workshop last March 31 and Angela and I signed up for it. They are offering the following classes: singing, dancing, acting, photography, makeup, hair, personality enhancement, modeling, and fashion styling. I didn’t know if we were allowed to sign up for more than one class so I sent a text message asking if I could attend makeup and fashion styling while Angela wanted to attend acting and modeling classes. I was sent a schedule for the classes we signed up for and was informed to be there before 2pm.

On the day itself, I picked up Angela at our usual meeting place and headed for A.Venue mall in Makati. We arrived a few minutes before 2pm and was informed that the photography classes were currently in session. I asked if we could attend classes we didn’t sign up for and they said we could attend as many classes as we can so we can see for ourselves what they have to offer. We were given a tour, a brief background about the institution, and where each class was held in.

After the tour, Angela headed to the modeling room for the modeling class while I went to the Fashion Styling Room for the Personality Enhancement Workshop facilitated by Ms. Cindy Lichauco. We were told what the class offers and what we are to expect if ever we decide to enroll in the class. For a teaser, she gave us tips and taught us the proper way to walk.

Next on the schedule were the acting and make-up workshop, but the make-up workshop facilitator wasn’t ready yet so I joined Angela in the acting workshop instead. We were facilitated by Mr. Ian Basa, a freelance advertising casting director for nine years, who also happens to be a Stage Actor, Stage Director, Acting Coach for Stage and TV for 11 years. He is amazing! Aside from tips, he also made us do some exercises which everyone enjoyed doing. I took some pictures, but they’re all blurred so I won’t bother posting them. (I should have come in earlier for the photography class.)

Fashion Styling with Mr. Levenson Rodriguez was next and he gave a lot of tips. He also shared some interesting and funny stories, and answered all questions. We had fun listening to him and I, for one, learned a lot in just an hour. Imagine what more I would learn if I enrolled in that class.

The open house was supposed to end at 5pm, but Ms. Lichauco extended it to 7pm because everyone was enjoying. They offered a couple more classes for those who came late and for people like me, who wanted to make the most out of it. While Angela was in VTR-modeling, I attended the dancing workshop. I love to dance and I missed dancing. I normally refrain from dancing because of my knee injury but I didn’t want to sit outside while waiting for Angela, so I took the risk. I forgot the names of the two guys who were in charge of the class, but one of them taught us how to bounce up and bounce down. Apparently, using those two techniques you can already come up with various steps.

Attending the open house was very fun and entertaining. We learned a lot with just a preview of what the Fashion Academy has to offer, what more if we enrolled. The prices are steep if you’re looking at the amount, but if you look at it as a whole (the hours, number of students per class, the instructors, etc.), it is definitely worth it. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of money but if I did, I would totally sign up to at least three or four classes.