The Past (2011-2020)

The Effects of Coffee to a Non-coffee Drinker

My sleeping habits are becoming worse and worse every day. I go to sleep at 3 or 4 am and wake up at 11am and i get sleepy again at 5pm. This afternoon, i was so sleepy but i didn’t want to take a nap because it’ll add a few more hours of awake time for me. So i made coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker and my coffee usually has tons of creamer and sugar in it. It’s funny because i used a 3-in-1 coffee mix but i still added creamer and 2 sachets of splenda. It was good though because i instantly got the energy i needed to get things done in the house.

Usually i get overwhelmed with the amount of things that has to be done in the house that I end up doing just a few chores or not doing any at all. After sipping my coffee, i started with soaking the dog towels. There’s 3 batches now, one on first soak, one on second soak, and one on fabric softener. We don’t wash the towels, we just soak them. Mom bought this amazing detergent from Australia, it’s called nappy care, and it get rids of stains and smell after just 4 hours of soaking.

After that chore, I heated a cup of water, added baby soap and started cleaning the puppies. I love taking care of puppies because they’re so small and very easy to handle. When they were all nice and clean, i placed them in the cage because my next chore was mopping the floor.

Our floors are tiled and the house is small, the easiest and fastest way to clean is by splashing water all over the floor and use the magic mop. A towel is used to dry up water residue and the floor is now clean and shiny! Before mopping began, the floor was sticky, smelly, and had lots of dog hair. After mopping, It was the adult dogs turn to be cleaned. This task should be done at least twice a day to prevent them from smelling so bad. But I’m so lazy that i don’t even do it once a day or every day, I do it whenever i feel like it. It used to be part of my routine when we only had one dog, now we have five adults and seven pups! Oh well. I cleaned their ears too, come to think of it, I enjoy grooming my babies because it’s like a special bonding time we have. Paying attention to each dog and giving them praises, hugs, and kisses. <3 When that was done, i went back online. Staying away from the internet for more than an hour makes me miss it so much (oh noes, I’m an addict!), that i have to check my social networking sites every other time (not that i get any new messages or notification). I intended to get our laundry from the shop but the guy delivered it instead. Yay! I didn’t have to get out of the house anymore. LOL. I took a shower and then sorted the clothes in our dresser/cabinets. I had dinner, went back online, then took the trash out. I still have to wash the dirty dishes in the sink. Right now I’m very sleepy. Well, I’ve been sleepy since 9pm and kept telling myself to wash the dishes and go to bed early, but the internet won’t let me so I’m still here. I also wanted to write about my day and the amazing thing coffee did for me. All I wanted to say was, “I should drink coffee every day when I wake up. It makes me as productive as I can be.” The lack of images in this post is making me sad. So here’s a picture of Mia Lopez. LOL. Another story for another time. 😉