The Past (2011-2020)

That Irritating Moment When…

Another #RestroomMirrorSelfie

…I decided to wear something decent for work today, (or at least what passes off as decent to me, slacks and a blouse), and wore the expensive shoes mom got me two years ago, and I get splinters on both feet. Ugh!

Granted that I haven’t worn them in a while, guess I should have known better. To top things off, I told my mom about it, and you know when you ask someone for an advice on what to do but instead they point out what you should have done? Well, that’s what she did and it was annoying. 😐

Anyway, great thing I had bandaids in my bag, it helped a bit. But I have to endure the sting till after my shift. My plans of going out to do my sales blitz today is postponed. Though I can do other productive things, like finish my reports. Yay!

Since I couldn’t take the pain anymore, I went down to the supermarket to buy more bandaids and coffee. Fortunately, I found sheer socks and heel gel thingy you put at the back of the shoe to prevent your skin from rubbing on it. THANK GOD! I am now more comfortable in my shoes, although having the gel thingy made it a size too small for my feet. But still, YAY!