The Past (2011-2020)

Start The Day Early

After 3 months I am back with an entry about how productive my day went. During the 2nd quarter of the year, I was doing pretty well with managing my time and money, keeping track of my finances, saving up, spending quality time with family and friends.

During this hiatus, I was blessed with the opportunity to purchase a spankin’ new laptop courtesy of my mom. I borrowed money from her so I can finally get one because my PC has been failing me a lot lately and I cannot risk not having a working computer since that’s my bread and butter. You’d think I’d be able to write more with a laptop but I’ve been procrastinating as usual and here we are.

Now that we have somehow caught up with what’s going on in my life, I’m here to tell you about how productive I was today because I’m so proud of myself.

Planning and Execution

On Sunday, I once again convinced myself to get my sh*t together and be a proper independent adult. There are so many things that I need to do and I cannot move one with my life with all these baggage lingering at the back of my head. I’ve done it before, I could definitely do it again. I started with planning my week, from the time I wake up to the things I needed to accomplish.

The only thing I achieved on Monday was to work a full 7 hours.

Ideal Morning Routine

Today, Tuesday, I woke up around 7am. My first alarm was at 6am, the second 30 minutes later. I give myself an hour to wake up because I’m like an engine that needs to rev up before I could run. Hahahaha. The first agenda was to read my Bible. I did 2 reading plans (catch up from months ago), and read 5 chapters from Psalms. I’m not ready to journal yet, I’m pacing myself with the reading part and making sure I can consistently read the Bible and communicate with God.

When I finally got up around 8am, I cleaned the mess the doggos made while I was asleep. The cleanup usually takes an hour to complete. I also gave them their first meal at 9am and I had my breakfast.

Exercising for Better Health

After playing a rank game of Mobile Legends (taking a break before continuing with my tasks), I tried the app I downloaded last week. It’s called Keep Yoga and Keep Training. I need to start being more active, you know? I did the beginners yoga for 24 minutes and didn’t finish the beginner’s workout because I was panting so hard. HAHAHAHAHA. Total exercise time was 32 minutes.

I want to go back to swimming again though, but this home workout is a good alternative. 

Grocery Shopping and Meal Prepping

Next on my agenda was to do my grocery shopping that was supposed to have been done the day before. LOL. Before I did that, however, I took the time to take pictures for my Instagram update. HAHAHAHAHA. I’m trying to be more creative and create art (or just arte) every day. It took me a while to finish this photoshoot because the doggos got excited that I was on the floor and kept coming at me.

Doggos getting in the way of my photo

By 12 noon, I was starving as I headed to the Supermarket. I had to stop myself from going to any fast food chain to have my lunch, kept telling myself to just eat at home. My meal plan for the week is chicken tinola and tinapang bangus. I also bought strawberry jam, cream cheese spread, a loaf of bread, 2 bags of chips, yogurt, and eggs. On my way home I bought mangoes and bananas for my breakfast yogurt. Oh yes!

grocery for the week

There was a mess when I got home so I had to clean up again, and then started cooking. I was starving after all. It takes me a while to cook, longer than average people do I guess, but I enjoy it just the same. By the time I was about to eat, I was late to my ideal time to start work. Here’s the best part, the power went out just as I opened my laptop! LOL. It was a bit warm so I went to the gate area to have my late lunch. I had to call Meralco to report the outage because apparently, we were the only house who lost power. WOW.

Anyway, I fell asleep on the floor while waiting for the technicians to come and fix the problem. We got it back around 7pm. I am very late for work but I’m still happy with how productive I was today. HAHAHAHAHA.