The Past (2011-2020)

September 2 Taping

Why do i feel the need to document this? Maybe because there’s not much happening in my life and this is the only interaction i have with other people. Okay, so.. It’s just a normal Friday taping for Walang Tulugan.. Last taping (Aug. 12), kuya Germs announced that the Barkadahan group will be divided in two and battle each other with production numbers. Mia was placed in the 2nd group together with Rhen, Teejay, Ken, Jacob, Earl, Jak, and Arvic. I was informed 3 days before the taping that our group (i’m somewhat a part of it since i help them and stuff) needs to prepare a prod because apparently the other group had prepared already. So Teejay and I made plans on what to do and who and how to do it. The only chance we had for rehearsal was on the day itself. Mia, Teejay, Rhen and Ken were to sing “Someday We’ll Know” and the rest of the guys will dance, as Earl suggested. But with the lack of time and practice, they talked about it and decided to sing instead. Again, all thought of on the day itself. Let’s just say that Group 2 was somewhat prepared and then we find out the Group 1’s plans weren’t as concrete as we were led on. For some reason, kuya Germs¬†decided to postpone the whole thing and just have everyone sing as a group. Okay, to make the long story short, they sang 2012 and Mia ended up rapping Nicki Minaj’s part. It will be shown this coming Saturday, September 10.

Some time after dinner, some people were gathered in front of the big mirror. Jake was playing his guitar and some of the people were singing. I was watching/staring at what’s going on when Mia said, “You know this is a perfect video opportunity and you’re not capturing it.” Hahaha! So i got my laptop out and started recording. I caught up to them singing “Lovebug”.

Here are the rest of the videos/songs they sang and a preview of 2012.