The Past (2011-2020)

Oops.. I did it myself *snip* *snip*

I have this shirt, It was given to me a long time ago. It’s huge and is even bigger than my huge body. Last week I wrote about DIYs and plans of upcycling old clothes and today I finally decided to cut this shirt.

This was taken last year. I look thinner than what I really looked like.

This is a bit experimental since it’s my first time cutting a perfectly good, but so huge, shirt. I bet Denise will be happy to know that I ruined a shirt with Canada printed on it. 😉

First thing I did was wear it and mark the parts I planned to cut off. The closest thing I had to a fabric chalk is a glittery white eyeliner that hasn’t been used in years. I used that to mark the shirt.

As you can see, the plan was to make it off-shoulder, shortened sleeves and asymmetric hem. [Not entirely sure if I’m using the terms right x.x]

I cut the hem first, it was, in my opinion, the easiest to do. After doing so, I tried it on to see if the length was just right. It’s a bit shorter than what I intentionally wanted but it will still do. Mom noticed the mark I did on the neck to shoulders line and suggested to adjust it, which you could see in the image below.

Next to go were the sleeves. I’m happy with how that turned out. The length is just right against my arms.

The neck-to-shoulder line was the last cut. I think I shouldn’t have cut that much but it’s still okay.

Here’s the image of the final product, LOL.

And here I am wearing it, looking stupid, wearing my camisole and boxer shorts under. XD

I don’t think it’s considered upcycling if you made the thing worse. LOL.