The Past (2011-2020)

On DIYs and Up-cycling Old Clothes

Two weeks ago, I was in Mia’s room when I noticed that she was using StumbleUpon. I was reminded that I had an account and maybe it was a good idea to use it. She was browsing DIY sites and that’s when all this started. I’d like to think of myself as a person who’s good with doing crafts. Thinking back, i realized that home economics was my favorite high school subject because I liked the things we used to do then (drafting, cross-stitching, sewing, steno writing, etc). I don’t, however, consider myself creative and/or fashionable, or at least not that much. Finding blogs that have DIY and up-cycling instructions really caught my interest.

I don’t have my own style, most of my clothes were bought from Divisoria or tiangge; hand-me-downs or gifts from mom’s friends; or clothes that mom bought herself from abroad. I kinda hate myself for not thinking of this sooner because last year, we were given 3 huge bags of hand-me-downs from Canada. I chose the ones I think i could use and the rest were given out. When we moved, I had to get rid of more clothes.

After that day of hanging out in Mia’s room and this discovery, I searched and followed more blogs with DIYs. Reading about other people’s ideas and tips and tricks, i decided to do some of my own. I already have 3 ideas that I’d like to do, one of them is just cutting a huge shirt into a different style. Before I try to do the others, I need to make sure I have all the materials I need. The sewing kit needs to be restocked and the sewing machine has to checked.

I found this DIY gathered summer dress tutorial and I want to try it. I’ve always liked dresses and wish that I could wear it, but I’m already huge and dresses usually makes me look bigger. With this one, I’m hoping it’ll look okay on me since it’s accessorized with a belt.

I also want to do accessories again. In high school, my mom taught me how to do them and she would sell it to her colleagues. We stopped doing it when i graduated high school, mainly because I got tired of doing it and my right palm hurts from doing twists with the pliers. We’re stuck with tons of materials which I sorted in the small file cabinet we bought before. I though everything would fit but apparently, we really have a lot of materials.

There’s more in small boxes in the “attic”. I have to look for the other pliers and strings and stuf. When i start doing accessories and DIY clothing, I’ll post them here. =)

In the meantime, here’s a photo of me looking stupid with that angle shot.