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Chewy Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Chewy Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Out of the blue, I decided to try and make something out of bananas. I’ve been buying and eating bananas for a few weeks now and they’re much healthier to munch on than buying Jollibee when I get the munchies late at night. So I made this chewy banana oatmeal cookies.

I think I saw a recipe a couple of weeks ago and I looked for no-bake cookie recipes, since we don’t have an oven, but this was mostly just an experiment.

Chewy Banana Oatmeal Cookies

I took 2 medium sized bananas and  mashed them in a bowl.


I added about half a cup of oatmeal and mixed thoroughly. Since the mixture was too wet, I added some more and ended up with like a full cup.

Bananas and oatmeal

I added a spoonful of butter, I know it’s contradicting to the healthy mixture I’m trying to achieve, but I added it so it won’t stick to the foil when I “toast” it.

I pre-heated the toaster for 2 minutes. Hahaha. Scooped up small balls and laid them on the tin with foil. Flattened them a bit to look like cookies. I set the toaster to 5 minutes and set them aside to cool.

Banana Oatmeal Toast

The cookies turned out soft and chewy and very tasty. The bananas I used were very ripe and sweet. I figured I could have maybe let it cook for 10 minutes, but I was scared of overcooking it. The great thing with this super easy recipe is that I can always make them again and experiment with cooking time and maybe adding other ingredients to the mix.

Chewy Banana Oatmeal Mini Cookies-nl2b

Try it out and share in the comments how yours turned out. I would love to hear about your version of this super easy snack.