The Past (2011-2020)

New Year’s Resolution?

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I didn’t really want to write a year end post nor make a new year’s resolution list but right now, 3:54am, I thought of some things that I want to achieve this year.

This is the plan.

  • Find a job. Earn money. Or start an online shop. Earn more money.
  • Up-to-date blogging. I have been backlogged on things I want to write about, usually because I have no time to do so or I get lazy and choose to watch a video instead. I still write them even if it’s “old news” simply because I want to share and/or just want to “log” it in my online diary/journal/blog.
  • Read more books! For 2011, I got to read 8 ebooks. I got lazy after reading The Hunger Games trilogy. I started reading the first book from The Mortal Instruments but found it boring so I stopped. I might switch to audio books just to get what the story of a novel is about. Listened to 4 Doctor Who [8th Doctor] audio books. That’s like 4 series episodes.
  • Do more crafts/learn to sew/more DIYs. Need I say more?
  • Learn a different language. I started learning Spanish from last year, if I’m not mistaken, then stopped. I chose that language since it’s somewhat similar with ours and I thought it’ll be easier to learn than French or Italian plus I would have practice coz some of mom’s friends speak the language. I think Mia’s mom is one of them.
  • Learn to cook. I only know how to fry and cook food that involves soup [sinigang, nilaga, tinola]
  • Enhance my talents. Possible singing lessons since I now live near the person who could teach me for free. LOL. I also want to take dance classes for fun. I love to dance [around the house].
I could have sworn there were more but again, my brain started to fail me. I should get some sleep.