The Past (2011-2020)

My First Time at Manny Many Prizes

Two weeks ago, we were invited by kuya Jojo (driver/assitant/trusted man of Manny) to attend/watch Manny Pacquiao’s new game show called Manny Many Prizes, but we weren’t able to go and the week after that they were in Davao. Then last Thursday i asked him where the show was going to be held at and he said it would be in Ynarez Sports Complex so i told him that my mom and I would be going along with my friend Mia Lopez.

Once we arrived, we headed straight to Manny’s dressing room where we met his co-hosts, Paolo Contis, Mike “Pekto” Nacua and Onyok Velasco. Raymart Santiago was also there. After a while, the show’s director, Louie Ignacio came in and we introduced ourselves. I asked to have their pictures with Mia (I’m in a phase where i hate my face in pictures hence none with me, plus i already have pictures with them in the past).

Pictures after the jump

Mia Lopez with Raymart Santiago

Mia with Onyok Velasco

Mia with Direk Louie Ignacio

Mia with Mike “Pekto” Nacua

Mia with Paolo Contis

Mia and Pacman

We had so much fun, we were seated in the front row and the stage was just a few feet away. The staff where running back and forth in front of us and we saw some familiar faces. Everything happened so fast and we enjoyed everything that transpired.

There was one point where the cast of Tween Hearts movie came out on stage and i waved at Jake Vargas. He was surprised to see us there and we kept teasing him after they danced. LOL.

We didn’t see Rhian Ramos and Gladys Guevara in the backstage, heard they were in a different dressing room and i didn’t bother looking for them. Hehe.

My mom and I always welcome to go to his shows, i’m not sure if i will be going next Saturday but i kinda want to go because it’ll be somewhere near our place and it was really so much fun.