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Must Know Difference Of Office Based And Online Jobs

To celebrate my coming back to this blog, I asked a buddy to write a post for me. Yes, I am accepting guest posts now. And even though it’s weird to have someone else write for me when I’m supposed to be breaking my hiatus, I figured it might inspire me to write more. XD

Online jobs and office based jobs do have its pros and cons. They have notable differences and they have both the advantages and disadvantages over each other. Here are few of those differences that I think, worth of your time to read.


Office Based Jobs
Social life in an office based job is alive and healthy. Office staffs or workers can talk and interact with each other personally. Their social life doesn’t end after office or working hours. Sometimes they tend to go out and have fun with the company of their co office workers.

Work From Home – Online Jobs
Social life when you are working from home doing online jobs is at its lowest state. You work alone, no office mate, no one to talk to when things gets boring or stressful. You don’t have that definite time or date of going out because all of your schedule depends on the amount of work you have to put at your job.


Office Based Jobs
With office based work or employment, you don’t have that fear of you losing your job instantly. All companies do have it’s own employment law and policies about having job security and benefits once they hire you. You are protected by existing LABOR CODE or LAW. Health benefits and insurance is also being given to all office workers.

Online Jobs
Job security and benefits is non-existent with online jobs. With the ever changing phase of the online world, your online job might be good for today and gone tomorrow. The worst thing is, if you lost your online job, no separation pay or benefits will ever be given to you (unless you have a contract stating such benefits in terms of termination of work).


Office Based
Stress in this kind of environment is high. Stress, either coming from the boss or co workers is pretty normal with office based jobs. Deadlines, amount of work to be done in a short period of time as well as office politics is a big stress giving situation for office staffs.

Online Jobs
Stress doing online jobs is much more lesser. You don’t have to worry about your boss roaming around watching you do your job. You can work at your own pace as long as you can meet your deadline. You do your own thing or job strategy as long as you get your things done. You are the boss (of your time, work and schedule) with this kind of job.


Office Based Jobs
Unless you work as a manager, supervisor or in a much higher position, then you are pretty much contented with your salary doing office based jobs. But for normal low ranking office workers, salary with this kind of job is pretty much lower compared to online jobs. Office workers do have this kind of fix salary that can increase yearly (based on performance and other factors).

Online Jobs
The salary depends on how much work or how many people or company you are working for doing online jobs. Most of the time, the income (salary) with this kind of job is much more higher than traditional office based jobs. Also, you can work for multiple companies or person doing online job thus multiplying the salary as well.

I hope you learned something from above comparison of online and office based jobs. I have have done both of those jobs (been there, done that) and currently, I am enjoying (salary and free time wise) my work doing online tasks or jobs.

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