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Movie Review: Monsters University (2013)

It’s the sequel I’ve been waiting for! Well, it’s actually a prequel to the first Monsters film. When I first heard of a second film coming out, I thought it was a continuation and that we’d see what happened to Boo. Nonetheless, I wasn’t disappointed.

A look at the relationship between Mike and Sulley during their days at Monsters University — when they weren’t necessarily the best of friends.

Mike and Sulley weren’t always the best of friends, in fact, they disliked each other from the first time they met. Their life in the University and experiences in the scare program explains the foundation of their friendship in Monsters, Inc. and we now understand what makes them a great team.

It was always Mike’s dream to be a scarer, though he definitely doesn’t have the looks for it, he has a passion for it which makes him a great coach. On the other hand, Sully has to live up to the family name and legacy, which is a lot of pressure for someone who only has that one look.

In hindsight, these two unlikely pair sounds like the typical poor, smart kid who dreams big and doesn’t get what he deserves, and the cool, rich kid who shrugs his way into any situation and gets away with it. Something we often see in feel good or teen-bopper films. Nevertheless, this movie is full of moral lessons and given that it is aimed for kids, teaches a lot about discrimination and teamwork.

I recommend this movie to all kids and kids-at-heart. I wonder if they’ll make another sequel, one hopefully involving Book. I just hope it wouldn’t take another twelve years to produce, like this one.