The Past (2011-2020)

MichelAngelo Shoes

Mom and I were on our way to her former colleague’s house in BF homes when we passed by MichelAngelo Shoes because she needed new working shoes. MichelAngelo was recommended by another one of mom’s colleague and apparently it’s where their other colleagues buy their work shoes.

Their shoes are quite pricey for my taste but they have really good quality, style, and design, and are totally worth it. Their sizes are different from the ones we usually get from the malls, which is perfect for us because mom and I have big feet. They didn’t have stock for the size of the shoes my mom wanted so she ordered them instead. She also ordered another pair for herself. As for me, I got myself this pair,

They fit exactly and needs breaking in. I was told they were made of Italian leather so they would loosen up after some time.

Normally my shoe size is 9-10,

but this one is size 8 1/2

Low heels

This pair has low heels since I can’t wear high ones and mom said flats aren’t recommended either. My mom, however, allowed me to choose another pair of shoes that I can wear casually. The one I liked didn’t have the size I needed [surprisingly I’m a size 8 on flats], and I was fine with it. But mom said, “Go ahead and order it, while I still have money.” I’m so happy! When the saleslady was finalizing my orders, they told us we can choose a different design. They showed us the patches of other designs and they have sooo many pretty ones, I chose a black one with a pretty pattern. We will get our shoes on the 28th. Can’t wait!

MichelAngelo can be found in CENTERMALL Building, President’s Avenue, Phase 1, BF Homes, Parañaque City. Telephone number is 809-1013. Store hours are from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 8pm.