The Past (2011-2020)

Marvel’s Avengers and Prince of Persia

My friends and I went to see Marvel’s The Avengers in Eastwood Mall two weeks ago. That was two weeks ago and I’m writing about it just now. Initially, I wanted to make a video blog but I couldn’t muster the confidence to do so.

Anyway, I loved the movie, I think it was awesome. It was action-filled and has a comedic twist. Joss Whedon did a very good job in directing it. And Chris Hemsworth is just so HOT. When Thor first came on screen, that moment made me so giddy, I clapped a little. I was crushing like a little girl. And then whenever something awesome happens, I wanted to clap and give a standing ovation. I felt like such a dork but the whole movie was so overwhelming for me.

In my opinion, every one who was casted in this film was perfect for their roles. I can’t wait for the next Avengers film or other films related to the story. I heard Mark Ruffalo signed up to play as Bruce Banner/Hulk in 6 films. SIX FILMS! And that’s just him. What about the others? I hope they all decide to stay with the franchise.

After the movie, I was hoping to head home ASAP because mom had to go somewhere. But we were hungry and of course, everyone else wanted to have dinner before heading home. Deciding where to eat took a bit of a long time because Glen and Jepoy wanted to have pizza as usual, but nobody wanted to eat in Pizza Hut (except me, I guess). I think it was Rochelle who suggested we eat at Prince of Persia.

Not the game or movie, but a restaurant.
Serious conversation happening here.
My order, lamb shawarma with Persian rice, Php195
Angela’s was chicken shawarma with Persian rice,  Php 145
If I remember correctly, Karlo’s shawarma with Persian rice, Php150
Rochelle had Chelo Koobideh
2 skewer charbroiled ground beef kebab with grilled tomato
with Persian rice topped with butter, Php 275
Jepoy’s order.
Euri and Glen had shawarmas
Group picture, Jepoy took this.
Complete group picture.

The food was pretty good and the price was just right in my opinion. It was nice to have a decent meal and not junk food again. Hahahaha!

It was such a fun day with friends. I wanted to see the Avengers movie in the cinema again, and mom said she wants to see it too and that I could go with her when she does. But due to lack of funds, I just downloaded a cam copy of it and watched in the comfort of our home. As for mom, I want her to watch the individual movies first.