The Past (2011-2020)

Marvel Movie Marathon

A month before Marvel’s The Avengers came out, I decided to re-watch all movies related to it and then some. Larry found a fan-edit movie called Avengers Assemble, it’s Iron Man 1 & 2, Thor, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk interwoven chronologically into a 9-hour film for a timeline accurate presentation of all the movies. I’ve seen these movies separately except for Incredible Hulk, and although Liv Tyler, Edward Norton, and Tim Roth were in that movie, I still found it a bit boring. I’d say that’s my least favorite Avenger movie. But nonetheless, they are all good movies. I didn’t exactly marathon this in a day, I have a life too, I had things to do. It took me 3 days to finish the whole thing.

After watching these, I decided to push through with the whole Marvel marathon that I also downloaded all the X-men films released. That’s X-men, X2, X-men: The Last Stand, X-men Origins: Wolverine, and X-men: First Class. The trilogy, now that I think about it, kinda sucked. I guess it was amazing the first time I saw them because it was the first time. I wouldn’t wish for a reboot though because I love the cast of this trilogy, I just think the storyline was ridiculous.

Wolverine’s origin, on the other hand, was better delivered. It was a good presentation of how he came to be and why he doesn’t remember anything before the events in the first X-men film. First Class was good too, I just don’t like the guy who play Charles Xavier that much. Story-wise, I liked it.

I am excited for any other upcoming X-men Origins and Avengers movie. And as the years go by, I hope each movie will be better than the last.