The Past (2011-2020)

Manny Many Prizes Taping + FASAP Party

Before I left GMA last Saturday, Manny’s secretary told me to come again on Tuesday as they were going to tape the show for this Saturday since it’s Manny’s birthday. It was my mom’s day off too so I told her to come and she also invited our future landlord, Uncle Bong. 😀

Mia Lopez with Jennylyn Mercado

Mia’s first time to eat dinuguan

The audience. A bit limited than usual.

Cesar Montano. Apparently, he filled in for Manny when
he was on training. 🙂

IT’S LORD VOLDEMORT! [HP1 reference]

Manny’s youngest daughter, Queenie, kept singing when
taping was on break.

Mia the blue alien

Manny looks so happy to be jamming with Freddy Aguilar

A special game for Manny’s friends and mentors

Lito Atienza and Chavit Singson

Attorney almost knocked down the mic and Paolo tried to “save” it. 

They lost this game. LOL

I think this was aired earlier today, for Manny’s birthday. It was a fun show. While we were having fun at the studio, little did we know that something horrible happened in the house. But I will reserve that story in a different post as it is so sad. 🙁

Anyway, skipping that sad story, we then went to FASAP’s Christmas party. I usually go with my mom because I have to drive her there and since I knew most of the people she worked with, it wasn’t hard to party. Mia and uncle Bong was still with us, with Mia around, I was able to dance and have fun. We danced together and stopped when we didn’t like the song the DJ was playing. It was a weird playlist.

Photo dump~

Me, Mia and uncle Bong


May stiff neck ata. Kinda looks like tita Weng too. LOL

Randomly taking pictures of random people dancing.

Randomly taking pictures of random people dancing part 2.

A bit wasted? Nah!

Trippy picture part 1

Trippy picture part 2

A very trippy picture. Hrrr~


It was a very fun night of dancing, singing our hearts out, and herping and derping all night long. We realized we should go out more often. I’ll ask Frances about that. Haha!