The Past (2011-2020)

Making Dinner: Pre-made Meatballs in Cream of Mushroom

Cooking is not my strong suit. I can make what I call “cheat dish”, pre-made food cooked with some sauce, or basic Filipino dishes like sinigang, tinolaย or anything fried. I never learned how to cook because there’s no one to cook for. If I cooked something, I’ll end up eating it for lunch and dinner for 2-3 days because I was often alone in the house. I tried learning to cook a few times, my mom also taught me how to make adobo, but it tasted different. She bought a big bottle of teriyaki sauce and told me to heat some pre-made meatballs, add teriyaki sauce, sprinkle some salt and pepper, and it’s done. That was my ~*~specialty~*~. I made that once when my friends from school came over and they loved it. Hahaha!

The other day, I felt like browsing easy or no cook recipes. I wanted to make something for dinner because I’m tired of canned goods. And it’s about time I learned to cook something aside from frying or the usuals. I thought I’d do something where most of the ingredients were already in the house. I realized we still had pre-made beef meatballs but no teriyaki sauce so I Googled for other recipes and found out I can use cream of mushroom, some milk, and some other things. I decided to skip the other things because we don’t have them.

I told mom my plans and asked her to buy a can of cream of mushroom while she was at the supermarket, she also bought a can of evaporated milk. I made it last night for dinner. I thawed the pre-made meatballs. I heated the cream of mushroom and added some milk, stirred it before adding the meatballs. Added some salt and pepper and done!

I added too much milk which made it watery.
No garnish or anything. On top of brown rice.

I used my phone as camera because my camera’s battery was drained. ๐Ÿ™

I accidentally added more salt than intended, so the whole thing was salty. When mom got home, she had it for dinner. Before she did, I asked her to taste it first and make adjustments, but she didn’t. I guess she was too lazy and hungry. After a while she said it was good, a bit salty but good.
Like everything else, I have to practice to be a better cook. I’ll try to cook something else in the next few days.