The Past (2011-2020)

L’Entrecôte, Igmaan and Quattro

Before the year 2011 ended, mom and I went out for dinner with her friend. We went to Igmaan, a restaurant in Dampa. The day before that, we had late lunch in L’Entrecôte. Now that happened last year, so why am I only blogging about it now? Because I got busy, then got lazy and forgot that I had to share the great food I had experienced.

From L’Entrecôte:

The Award Winning “Golden Duck 2000”
Foie Gras Terrine wrapped with forest mushrooms and baked in Filo pastry
Honey-balsamic-port wine glaze

Fine Flat Noodles
In spinach cream sauce or tomato-chili-herb sauce
with lobster P635
with beed stripa P450
with lapu-lapu filet P390

Fine flat noodles in spinach cream sauce

L’Entrecôte Raspberry and Walnut iced Vacherin cake P180

Everything was good. IS good. The dessert wasn’t my type though, I guess raspberry isn’t my thing. My favorite is their steak. We used to get The L’Entrecôte Menu, it consists of mixed green salad tossed in house dressing with walnuts, US choice Entrecote steak topped with the secret herb butter sauce and unlimited fresh fries. I usually give mom my salad coz I don’t like it. It’s good, but again, not my type. I just enjoy the steak and unlimited fries. The L’Entrecôte Menu costs P880, so  I can’t always afford it.

Oh, I also found pictures of that first time we tried their pasta.

Fine flat noodles in spinach cream sauce with lapu-lapu filet

Fine flat noodles in tomato-chili-herb sauce with lapu-lapu filet

Our dinner in Igmaan the next day was a seafood-fest. Mom’s friend ordered for everyone and it’s the usual food we order whenever we eat out. Lots of shrimp, squid, crab, and baked mussels. Also clams and oysters if they’re available. I just have pictures, no description coz we attacked the moment the waiter laid the food on the table. I was lucky to get some photos. LOL

EVERYTHING WAS GREAT. Igmaan never fails. Great food at affordable prices. That’s our go-to place. That’s where we had my birthday/graduation/thanksgiving party. 😀

And last, on the first Thursday of January, Mia and I went to Quattro after her dance rehearsal in GMA7. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, more or less 10 years. Quattro is a family business and mom is friends with one of them. I wasn’t sure what to order because the last time I was there, mom ordered for me. So I chose the ones that I wanted to try. Warning, weird food selection is weird.

Mia ordered this torikatsu. It’s breaded chicken and tastes so good!
This salmon sashimi for P120 is not bad.
The salmon is so fresh and it was soooo good.
I ordered kangkong because I wanted to have vegetables. 😀

Beef sisig. I don’t even know what I was thinking. But it was good too.

There you have it. My food ventures. I want to try something different whenever I go out. Take the risk of eating in a restaurant I haven’t been to before and find out if they have good food or not.