The Past (2011-2020)

Late Lunch at Tokyo Cafe

I went to the mall last December 20 to do some errands and I was starving as I haven’t had anything to eat since I woke up that day. I was thinking of having KFC since I was craving chicken but thought of eating at Tokyo Cafe instead. Last time I was there, I tried one of their pastas and the chicken with cheese roll thing. This time I ended up having chicken after all.

Chicken in a Basket
Japanese-style crispy fried chicken served with gravy
Chicken Trio (3pcs) P220
Regular (5pcs) P327
Family Pack (7pcs) P430
with garlic bread add P35
with steamed rice add 40

Based on the photo I took, I obviously had chicken trio. I also ordered steam rice. It was not bad. The chicken was crispy and it tastes good, the gravy, however, was just okay. After eating I kinda regret ordering the chicken because it’s a bit costly for my taste. Haha!

My first plan was to get a mango shake and then desert because I felt like I deserved more. LOL. Then I saw they had mango parfait so I decided to order that and just have water to drink.

Mango Parfait
Layers of mango cubes, mango sauce, vanilla & mango ice cream
topped with whipped cream & swirl of mango sauce P128

Yep, it’s mango overload. Have I mentioned that mango is my favorit fruit? I wanted to get crepes! But I already ate a lot and spent so much. Maybe next time. 😀