The Past (2011-2020)

June has been a bit Showbiz-y for me

I had a pretty productive week, as productive as i can get. I mopped the floors, washed the dishes, played with the dogs, i even went out quite a few times. I intended to write about “my adventures” but alas, once again i neglected the task and just went on with my life.

Let me focus on things that i remember, which would make them the highlight of my week. The farthest i could think of is the taping last Friday. Just to give a back story, about 4 weeks ago i accompanied my good friend Mia to GMA7 to get her check for the gig she had as an extra in one of the primetime show of the network. Since mom and I had friends in the radio station, Mia and i dropped by for quick visit. It was 3pm and Kuya Germs’ radio show’s time slot, we were introduced to him after a while and i told him that Mia wanted to be in showbiz. He asked if she can sing and to return that following Friday with a minus one of a song. We were both excited because didn’t know what’s to happen next. That Friday we were surprised that she was introduced as a new member of the show “Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman”, we didn’t expect that although when we first showed up in the studio we approached kuya Germs and he asked us if we wanted this as a one time thing or if she wanted to be a regular. I guess we didn’t think it would be just that easy to be part of the show. So anyway, fast forward to last Friday, our 2nd time to go to a taping and Mia was already “working”. We taped 2 shows, one of which she got to do a bit of hosting and be a “prop” when Aljur Abrenica guested and was asked to sing to the ladies.

I had a blast that day simply because i got to know some of the people, i chatted up some of the kids in the show and some of the mothers who stay with them in the duration of the shoot. We tape every other Friday, which is twice a month, so it’s not that bad or heavy for Mia who is currently studying. On Tuesday we will be going to Kuya Germs’ sister’s wake. We have to make an appearance as part of the Walang Tulugan family and i bet i’d see other local celebrities i’ve known since i was young.

On a more celebratory note, on Saturday we went to tita Ali Sotto’s house to celebrate her 50th birthday. She was born on the 29th of May and she didn’t celebrate it at first but she said a lot of her friends told her she should because it’s her golden year anniversary. My mom and I were invited and that night was so much fun. The food was great and we were entertained by some of her friends who sang. Ricky Davao would not let go of the mic, mom and I first learned that 3 years ago, when we were invited to tita Ali’s despedida. It’s fun to be around these group of friends and to mingle with great actors like Tirso Cruz III, Christpher de Leon, Lorna Tolentino, Amy Austria and Ricky Davao, all of who are very, very nice.

Here are some pictures: