The Past (2011-2020)

Inter-High School AMAzing Showdown 2012

Last Saturday, I accompanied Mia in Waltermart Sucat because she was invited to judge high schoolers in her school’s first ever Inter-high school AMAzing Showdown 2012. They had all sorts of contests and Mia, with other judges, had to judge not only Mr. and Ms. AMAzing Beauty but also the dance and singing contests.

I took pictures mostly from the beauty pageant and more of the girls than the boys. I was using the camera Jepoy lent me, a Canon Powershot S5 that I barely knew how to use.

This is a photo-heavy post. You’ve been warned.

Mia Lopez is judging you.

I did say I didn’t know how to use the camera manually, right? I’ve always used program auto or those presets the camera offers. The first few photos are dark and I was in the wrong spot.

Then I decided to try and use the flash.

Hi miss with wings.

Then I decided not to use it. LOL.

And here are some more photos from the creative wear category.

Mr Congeniality

Mr and Ms Photogenic
This couple won the singing contest because the girl rocked their number.

And now, I forgot what this part was called, casual wear perhaps?

Mr Creative Wear

Mr and Ms Beautiful Skin
Mr and Ms Beautiful Smile
Mia Lopez, still judging you. LOL
These guys didn’t win the dance contest.
Beatbox Gor
His friend, I forgot his name but he was awesome with dubstep.

Now here comes the sports wear!

Biker chick. I have no idea.
Badminton girl.
Tennis dude.
Swimming, I guess.
Partnered with swimming dude in trunks.
IDK how this is a sport. I was surprised she had a gun.

His shirt says ARMY or sth, I forgot.

IDK how this is biker chick. She won best sports wear FYI. 
Biker dude. This guy had so many fans in the audience.
This cute girl is Angela. I think she’s supposed to be
a cowgirl? Or equestrian. IDK. But she’s cute~
Ah.. the most common sport, basketball.
Best in Sport wear
Ms Beautiful Hair

And now for the evening wear~

Angela was 2nd runner up
1st runner up
Mr and Ms AMAzing Beauty Grand Champions!

More pictures here. It was fun to be there, to take photos, and find a new talent! If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s only one person from this pageant that I’ve mentioned, Angela Gonzales. She’s 16yrs old, a public speaker and a theatre actress. Watch out for her~

Angela Gonzales