The Past (2011-2020)

I feel like a girl

The other day, after watching Underworld: Awakening, I decided to go on a stroll in the mall. I was not in my intention to buy anything, I just wanted to do some window shopping. When I window shop, I window shop, I don’t go inside the store, I just look from the outside. Why? Because once the attendant approaches me and asks me what I need, I would feel obligated to buy something. I know, I can just ignore them and walk away, which I can do sometimes, but most of the time, I end up buying something I like but had no intentions of getting in the first place.

This mall was different. Store attendants are different. No one approached me and asked what I was looking for. I was free to look at items without any of them breathing down my neck. And that’s when it happened, I saw a belt around a mannequin wearing a simple dress. The outfit was cute but never in a million years will it fit me. The belt was what caught my attention so I asked the attendant if it was sold with the dress or separately, she answered me with the latter. It also costs just Php75 so I took it right away and paid at the cashier.

Genevieve Gozum, Php75

Isn’t it pretty? I don’t know what to wear with it though. LOL. I just bought it coz it’s pretty. <3 Since I’ve been into stretched belts lately, [I rarely wore belts coz they don’t fit or they pinch my tummy but stretched belts are so cool, and they show my figure. Lol], I checked out other stores to canvas belts. Some are super expensive, like that one belt from Terra Nova that I like, it costs Php700. People have told me it’s an investment and most likely would last a long time, but I’m cheap and 700 is too much for me. LOL.

The next store I entered with fashionable belts is Sabella. They have nice belts and I wanted to buy them all! I was torn between 2 beautiful belts. One was leatherish brown which costs about Php500++, I wanted to get it so bad because it’s pretty but again, I have no idea if I had clothes I could wear it with. Plus the ruffle thing at the top bends because of my boobs. So I got this white one instead.

Sabella, Php250-300 (I forgot!)

I like it because it totally hides my huge tummy! It’s so simple and it reminds me of the bottom part of a vest. And because it’s white, I can wear it with anything. YAY!

Here’s another belt I bought last December, I don’t remember posting it.

Tomato, Php150

If you’ve been reading my blog, or follow my twitter or facebook, you’ve most likely seen me wear this belt one too many times. It has worn out a bit.

I don’t remember where I bought this or how much it costs.
Probably SM around Php200

When mom got home yesterday, she gave me these wooden bracelets! YAY!

The one on top isn’t wooden, but you get what I mean. 😉

She bought it from a colleague. I think she wanted it for herself but it won’t fit her so she bought it for instead. LOL.

There’s also this,

It can be a belt, headband, bracelet, or whatever you want it to be.

The new things I have makes me wat to be a pretty girl. LOL. I should dress up more and fix myself more. I like girly things, I just don’t act/look girly.

Oh before I forget, the mannequin thing I used in the photos above, was left by the former tenant of this house. Isn’t that great? It’s my new toy~ I just need to attach the stand to the bottom part. 😀