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How To Disable the SHIFT Key on a MacBook Pro

The other night I was catching up with my TV shows when I obsessed over cleaning my macbook pro’s keyboard. I took out each tile and accidentally poked the sensor of the right shift key, which caused it to appear stuck.

Watching The Mentalist

Since I can’t use the laptop properly (it goes to safe mode, can’t type password), I googled for possible answers with this problem and none of them helped. Opening the laptop again goes straight to safe mode since the shift key is stuck. During this frustrating experience, I learned that pressing the space bar after turning the laptop on would skip the safe mode and head straight to the login. But it’s useless since I couldn’t enter the password correctly.


Two days later I bought an external keyboard and when I got home, I remembered that my laptop goes straight to my desktop when I turn it on. With further research, I learned that pressing ‘C’ after turning it on solved that problem. I didn’t have to enter the password. When it recognized the external keyboard, I was able to use the macbook properly but since I didn’t want to get stuck using it, I searched for a way to disable the shift key.

I enjoyed this part because it’s like a puzzle!

I remembered a subject in college called “Computer Assembly” or something, it was a tough subject and I did not learn/understand anything but I do remember the professor trying to teach us how entering a very long code turns the caps lock on/off. So I searched for ways how to disable the shift key and found this.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I downloaded KeyRemap4MacBook and installed it. Enter your password using the external keyboard. The laptop would restart.
  2. Open System Preferences > Keyremap4MacBook, scroll down and look for the key that needs disabling. In my case it was Disable Shift_R.
  3. Click ReloadXML and you’re good to go.

It’s so easy! Be careful with what you’re going to edit or disable though, you don’t want to make it worse.

I could have avoided this if I only thought of searching YouTube first for tutorials in cleaning my keyboard. But then again, I’m up for learning from my mistakes and learning the hard way so this was a good experience after all, even though I know I’d have to get this repaired some day.