The Past (2011-2020)

How God Provides

*Note: This was written back in November and I totally forgot to finish it. Instead of scrapping it, I’m publishing this story because it’s a testimony of God’s faithfulness.

Through the years my mom and I have experienced how God provides especially in our time of need. When my mom lost her job and I was still looking for one, we relied on what little savings she had and the blessings her friends and colleagues would share with us. We strongly believed God sent them our way. Oftentimes we would receive these blessings at a time when we desperately need it. We have so many stories about God’s provision but I want to share something that happened very recently.

On Saturday, before I headed to the Paypal workshop in Vivere hotel, I dropped by 7-11 to buy a prepaid card for my phone. The original plan was to buy the 300 pesos Globe call card from Alfamart because it was 10 pesos less but I forgot and went past it. I was too lazy to walk back so I settled for 7-11. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it in stock. I instantly had a feeling that I was being prompted not to purchase one yet. It can wait till after the weekend. My GoSakto promo wasn’t expiring until Wednesday anyway and the only reason I wanted to load up was because I ran out of data.

Fast forward to the end of the SEO for blogging workshop. The speaker opened the floor for questions and whoever asks would get a prize. To my surprise, the prizes were a choice between Zalora GC or Globe 300 peso call card. It was not a coincidence. Sadly, I couldn’t think of a question because I already knew the answers. I am an SEO Expert by profession after all. Suddenly a question popped into my head. Something I knew that the speaker did not discuss, so I asked it anyway for the benefit of the others who were there. Voila~ I got a free 300 peso Globe prepaid card.

This is just one of the many stories I could share about how God provides for us. I know it comes from Him because I would feel the prompting before it happens. I cannot explain how it feels, I just know. It’s different from just being my normal frugal self. Whenever I feel it, I know better than to not obey.

How God Provides