The Past (2011-2020)

Hello World!

Here i am, blogging once again. I sort of quit blogging a few months ago when my self-hosted blog disappeared because the host i was on suddenly fell out of the face of the Earth. I got too lazy and was too poor to purchase a new hosting package. I switched to Tumblr, where i was surrounded by the fandom of my favorite shows. It’s fun and for the past 3 or 4 months, that’s where i get my news. After a while i started making GIFs from the episodes that i watch. Over time i learned new styles of GIF-ing and i enjoyed doing them.

I felt like making a blog again because i wanted a place where i can write about my thoughts and my life and be serious. I was sort of doing that with my Tumblr account but i think it would be best if i write on a separate blog. I want to write daily, just like how one would write on a diary. I don’t think i would advertise this, do i even want other people reading this? I don’t know. Maybe i’ll just put my link out there, but not really advertising it for people to see. I would tell some close friends about it though, especially my good friend Jaleesa who said she loves reading my letters. I was supposed to send her an email telling her stories about what’s going on with my life, but i’m not really an email person. So here’s to blogging again!