The Past (2011-2020)

Halloween 2011 in pictures!

Last Sunday after going to church, I went over to Mia‘s place for a day of trick or treating. It was supposed to be a morning event but I came over late and we planned on just hanging out, taking pictures, because mom got me a new point and shoot camera. Then her mom said there were kids outside and that her kids should dress up and go trick or treating. Mica was dressed as a black fairy and Mia looked like Miley Cyrus in Party in the USA. 😉

First house we went to was still in their street. We saw a lot of kids there so I told them to get candy too! LOL.

This lady was so nice. 🙂
This house is so beautiful. You just can’t see it.

Another beautiful house. Heh.
Some more houses.

I still kinda didn’t know how to use my new camera.

Mia looks so white, she could pass off as a white lady.

Derpy picture.

This family is so cool. Sadako moves when you touch her.

Same house as above. I told the girl to strangle Mia. LOL.

We saw the Hulk.

Random photo op in the street.

Then we went home.

My new camera has sweep panorama feature.
This is Mia’s house.

Another angle.

We went out again to buy chips in New York.
We saw a zombie and threw candies at it.

Then we saw this house with Angry Birds design.

Everyone went to this house.

The designs are sooo cool.

We also saw Mario.

And more Angry Birds.


And here’s some more.

This may be the last.

Oh wait, I lied.

I was talking on the phone with my mom and we saw
Princess Leia with Green Lantern.

And here I look horrible. 

We went for a swim because it was so hot and the pool
was so clean.

Here’s Mia wishing she had bigger boobs. LOL.

Fighting or something.

We made Mica wear the balls. LOL.

She dropped one and it broke.

Mia got cut. 🙁

After all the fun and games at Mia’s, mom and I met with an old friend for dinner. It was awesome! We went to Igmaan in dampa, but my camera’s battery was low so no pictures. And after dinner I headed straight to my high school classmate’s house where we had a mini-reunion.

It was so much fun. The next day, mom, Mia, and I went to Divisoria and bought some stuff. I forgot to take pictures of them, so~ yeah.

A few days after this, we found out I had dengue. LOL. Mom took me to the hospital to get checked up because I started having rashes that didn’t itch. It turns out, when I was down from Wednesday night to Saturday morning, It wasn’t an ordinary flu. Tada~