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Gypsy Beach Zambales

Gypsy Beach Zambales

The long awaited beach trip to Gypsy Beach Zambales happened last May 19 to 21. Unlike the impromptu out-of-town trip to Southwinds Resort last March, this was meant to be a birthday celebration between our group of friends and has been planned since January, but most of them backed out so it was just me and my good friend JK. Our trip almost got canceled because I tripped and sprained my ankle the week before, but I could not be stopped, WE could not be stopped. I prayed for a fast recovery, and while walking was still a struggle by the time we had to leave, I sucked it up and wobbled my way to Zambales with a walking stick.

Nickle at the beach with a walking stick

How to Get to Gypsy Beach Zambales

Coming from Alabang, we took a jeepney heading to Pasay and got off at Victory Liner bus station. We took the bus bound for Iba, Zambales, and got off at San Antonio market. Then we took a tricycle to Pundaquit. From there, we crossed a rather small river to the other side where we made our way towards the beach. Gypsy beach is situated near the end of the stretch of sand.

Welcome to Gypsy Beach!

Gypsy Beach front

Gypsy beach resort wasn’t at all what I expected. Then again, I wasn’t really expecting much. I knew we were sleeping in tents but I did not expect the homey and very chill ambiance. We met the owner, Barry, who welcomed us as soon as we arrived. They have very polite and hospitable staff and they even set up our tent for us. The place has electricity and a working lavatory, which was great! We didn’t have to worry about where to wash up or relieve ourselves.

With you don’t have to worry about food either, they serve meals at a reasonable price, as well as brewed coffee and cold beer. They also offer paddle board and surfing lessons. You may also request for a bonfire set up by the beach.

Beach please


After the exhausting trip (remember I had a sprained ankle?), JK and I went ahead to the water for a swim. It felt so good to finally be submerged in salt water. I had quite a hard time swimming because of my sprain, but it wasn’t that bad. It actually helped heal my bruises and the swelling in my foot went down.

The water was cool, not too clear from the shoreline view, but it is clear underwater. If I had to rate how salty it was, I’d say it was around 6 out of 10. It’s also deep. It goes from 3ft to 5 ft in just a few steps, so I loved it. I wanted to go farther but I wasn’t confident enough to swim so I stayed near the shore.

JK brought her new action cam and we got to test it out for the first time. Surprisingly, it had a good quality for its cheap price. So that’s what we did, take underwater videos.

Chillin’ like a villain

After our swim, we made our way back to the resort where we freshened up and had dinner. We were starving and ordered Gypsy Beach’s breakfast meals. Yes, breakfast for dinner. I had tapsilog (beef tapa, sinangag rice, and itlog (egg)) and JK ordered longsilog (longanisa).

Barry and his buddy JD joined us while we were waiting for our meal. We talked about the resort, his plans for it and other things over wine (although I didn’t have any. LOL). He was cool a dude and had promising plans for the resort. By then JK and I decided we would come back annually to chill.

When our food came, I was quite surprised. The serving could be shared by two people and it tasted good too. I enjoyed the meal and was satisfied.

We spent the next day doing the same things. Swim, eat, lounge on the hammocks, take pictures, and repeat. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed in my entire life. I think I could live like that every day. Just give me a laptop and internet connection so I can work, and I could spend my days just swimming and chilling by the beach.

I wanted to take some surfing lessons but didn’t have enough budget for it so that will be added to the list of things I need to save up for when we come back to Gypsy Beach.

All in all, I had a great time. It was a relaxing and satisfying weekend spent with a great friend. The best thing was, my sprain was almost healed and I could walk again by the time I got home.

Total Expenses: P1,689**

Jeep from Alabang to Pasay = P27 x2
Bus from Pasay to San Antonio = P275 x2
Tricycle from San Antonio to Pundaquit = P35 x2
environmental fee = P20
Tent rent = P250/night
isaw/BBQ = P90
meals = P120 x2
brewed coffee = P65
cup noodles = P50
bread = P25 x2

**price does not include the food we ate during the bus ride. All in all, we spent around 1.8k-2k each for 3 days, 2 nights.

Here’s a video I came up with using clips we took during the trip.

Gypsy Beach (map)
Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales
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Gypsy Beach Zambales